Why we need Improved Forge Canvases

Forge is great and honestly it is the single most powerful tool available to us, ever in the history of Halo.
The Forge in H5 is by far the best and the one that is the most powerful, accompany that with the power of the Xbox one (however great it is in your head), then we have some good canvases such as Parparllax, Adrift and Glacier.

Now these canvases are great in their own way by providing different forge spaces and themes (including different skyboxes and the newly added weather effects). As mentioned by both me (here) and 343 (in their MOR update) we are getting more and more objects to place in our maps, and this is great

however, there is issues with our current canvases, and those are :

  • Insufficient light map : The entire light map idea is great, however the canvases themselves, takes up a huge chunk of the light map because of the turelight feature. The feature is great and I know some people are going to say "the light map is only affected by the objects placed on the map, and not the canvas themselves!",
    YES I know that, however what happens is : Since the turelight thing happens is puts a lot of strain on the light map, even if just a few objects are placed (After placing just 10 primitive blocks the light map is already at 2-6 %).

MY POINT-—> It is hard to create a map with a good atmosphere by using lights, simply because by the time you have completed the layout the light map is near MAX
MY 2nd POINT —> Would it not be possible to create more advanced / improved forge canvases by now, when the possibilities of the Xbox one are getting better known ?

You see, the reason why the canvases are not bigger and more expansive is because it would hurt your light-map, and you can go waaay over your light-map budget (I’ve seen maps over 200% lightmap, and mostly all matchmaking forge maps have a lightmap over 100%). So basically what I am saying is that what you are asking for is impossible, unless you want to choose between smaller maps and better lightmaps, or bigger maps and crappier lightmaps.