Why waste time making the armor in the selection menu 3d when its just gonna look ugly anyway

from what i know the way 343 did the customization ui is that the previews of the armor pieces in the little boxes arent actually images, but the actual armor piece itself. what i mean by that is that the preview icon is actually just a camera pointed towards another spartan model off screen with the armor piece on, at least i think thats how they did it. its a really overly complex way to do an ui and i remember 343 actually said they had trouble with it

but whats the point of doing that when its just gonna look ugly? the customization ui looks borderline unfinished and those icons are probably a really big reason why. why not just do what reach or even halo 5 did and just use images that look way better?

They love reinventing the wheel. Why have boring old PNGs when you can have this super quirky and needlessly complicated icon?

pretty sure that was how reach did it too. pngs