Why was I banned from Waypoint?

<mark>Do not post about forum moderation.</mark>

You monitors just violated the first amendment.
A couple days ago I created a thread called, “Forget Halo 5, TMCC Needs a Fix”. I simply pointed out that 343 should focus more on a game that is very dear to Halo’s biggest fans. You should realize that there are more fans out there who would rather play the original Halo games rather than 343’s newer ones. The only way to do that on Xbox One is through TMCC, but unfortunately the game is so broken to the point where it’s unplayable.
I also pointed out that TMCC was supposed to be a celebration of Halo, not a disgrace to it. You are only ruining its image by releasing a game that only makes the original Halos look bad. Unless it wasn’t obvious, over 75% of your fanbase is upset with your lack of effort that you put into TMCC.
I was simply expressing my ideas that dozens of people agreed with only to get banned from Waypoint. What are you, 343’s little bodyguards? They need to hear the criticism from their fans in order to save Halo from dying. I can’t believe you guys are going around deleting threads like these that are meant to wake 343 up from their sleep.
I think banning someone for simply expressing their popular opinion is downright outrageous. I’d go as far to say that’s abusing power. Perhaps you should listen to your fans that are the only ones keeping this franchise alive.

In case anyone is wondering, “free speech” doesn’t apply to the internet.