Why was I banned for losing connection!

I have been struck with the ban hammer multiple times for lossing connection which is completely unfair for players let alone myself. I have been a major supporter of halo and all of its game titles but so far halo 5 guardians has let me down entirely, aka only the “ban system”. There should not be a ban limit for leaving a lobby, that is just the perks of playing an online game because for certain people accident occur that cause them to lose connection or time out. Now I don’t have to be a scientist to point this out but you should not be able to punish someone for something they had little to no control over. If anything you guys should be banning players who are constantly backing out of games every minute. Also there should not be a minimum of 3 leaves to require a ban, instead it should be looked into more throughly rather than being glanced over like nothing. Also it should not go up like this” my first ban was for 5 minutes, my second ban was for 15 minutes, my third ban was for 38 minutes, now my fourth ban is up to an 1 hour and 38 minutes!!! like what the heck guys this is very unfair to player who face timeout out problems like myself, I feel almost betrayed. I understand there needs to be consequences for constanty leaving matches, but this is not the case for half of the user. And I will be honest I love everything about halo 5 guardians, just not the baning system. Everyday I look forward to playing this game every since I got it for Christmas but now I play it worrying that I’m gonna be getting banned again for losing connection. Where I live it is very common for me to lose WiFi so I cannot fix it but rather deal with it. Now I have played many fps games not once have I been banned for losing connection, even for the newer titles like black ops 4. I really do apologize for writing you guys a book but I thought this was the only way to try and be heard and to speak for the ones who cannot. I myself along with other players I have speaked agreed with me about the banning system and they also just wish you guys would get rid of the hole idea or completely go back through fix it some how, especially the time limit for the ban. I believe the maximum time allowed for a ban should be 1 hour tops, that’s with constant back out of matches, let’s say maybe “ten” for an example rather than the required “3” matches as of today. And lastly I understand you guys probably don’t want to go through and get rid the whole idea of banning but PLEASE PLEASE REDUCE THE TIME LIMIT! I am a man with very few games and very limited time since I work a full time job 14 hours a day. Now I don’t have many games let alone any other online games so when I get home this is the first thing I am looking forward to, plus In actually reality it is one of the very few games I can play online without lagging which is truly impressive since given the fact my internet is almost complete garbage.

Ps- thank you for hearing me out and I hope you guys can take my thought into consideration, thank you and have a good day!

Hey OP, please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the forums for any queries on matchmaking bans. Regarding bans for losing network connection, this needs to happen otherwise it would be abused. People could simply turn off their wifi / pull their ethernet cable out to avoid a loss and not get banned for it