Why wait? Play Hogwild now!

As mentioned in the title, Hogwild is about to be released and I have a following addition for Hogwild that you to download now! The final project is not yet finished but the foundation is available to play.

To play our addition of the Hogwild update, simply download “yutgher” from my File Share HERE! Our addition consists of a really cool vehicles and a new map to play on.

How to play? Simply select yutgher from the file share, select as a map in custom games, and choose either btb Assault or btb CTF as the Gametype. (Res vs Blue). (8v8

NOTE: “yutgher” is playable, but not yet finished and will be fully completed within 48 hours. The map will be renamed Hogwild Beach once complete.

WARNING: If the super-warthog-jeeps blacken your vision, immediately drive the vehicles to cease the issue. This WILL occur in forge mode but may not in custom games.