Why use Reach's Arena Rank System?

I’m just really curious as to why 343 chose to use the Arena Ranking System in Halo 5, when pretty much universally everyone agreed that the Arena in Reach was the worst system in a Halo game. It’s pretty much the last thing we wanted to see, since we have all been asking for the relic that is the 1-50 system that was in H2, and H3. I thought 343 realized that when MCC came out, and they put the 1-50 into it, but then abandoned it.

I understand that it would be confusing to have Player Levels on a numbered system, and playlist ranks on a numbered system, but it would have made more sense IMO to use names for the Player Levels, and then a numbered system for playlist ranks. Thats a big reason why a lot of people, myself included, we’re so bummed about Social not being there at launch. The Arena Playlists were basically DOA from the beginning in Reach, because most people hated it, and now for the most part is forced on us in H5 (or it was from launch until Dec. 16).

I dunno, I just don’t understand the logic in it, when it seemed like 343 was wanting to give the community what it wanted with a return to competitive play, and balancing, and trying to resurrect the numbered ranks in Reach via Halo Waypoint, and then again with MCC, and then giving up on it during the development of H5.

There are like five of these threads going around right now, and I’ve explained in several of them, why divisions work better. If you don’t care to look, the short end of it is: permanent ranks don’t mean anything over time, as they can easily be manipulated, and players who haven’t played clutter the whole system whether it be at the top or bottom, skewing the results. 1-50 doesn’t work because you have to start off at the bottom, and for the seasons to reset fast enough, the average 50 won’t have enough time to make it to the top and stay there for long.

I see what you are saying. But in that logic do you think that completely splitting up the playlists, like it was done in Reach would be a good option? Like, here’s Halo 5’s Multiplayer, and over in this corner, for all of the people that want to battle it out to be the best there is the Arena.

Perhaps that would fragment the community too much though, and that’s probably why the Arena was so dead in Reach, because people like myself just wanna get in and have fun, and doing that would clash with the direction that 343 wanted to take with H5. Which is go balls out every game. Don’t have fun, just win baby. Lol

That is why we are getting social playlists. We have two as of today., with more probably coming.