Why u no petitions

Thats the best way to get things done. Perhaps a “petitions” section should be started where the petitions with the most “signatures” (not replies, like a button clicked or something) stay at the top. When they reach a certain amount (say, 500? 1000?) someone from 343 must make some sort of response…

With all the humbled jumbled mess of complaint threads for halo 4, would it not be more orgainized to have one “thread” for each complaint and have whoever wants to support it, support it?

Right… Cause signing names onto a petition gets things done… What are these people doing other than they agree? Are they going to step up and do something other than sign a petition?

Petitions are banned from waypoint, this happened a long time ago. Why? Cause petitions doesn’t do any good if no one looks at them. Most developer forums have a “No petition” rule.

Also, petitions are not feed back. these forums are for feed back mostly.