Why trying to force such a big time commitment so early in the lifecycle of Infinite?

Yes Halo has legacy. But this game doesn’t yet. With completion of a battle pass looking to be upwards of a few hundred hours at the minimum. Asking a casual player to put in 1000+ hours over the course of a couple years is ridiculous. Only speedrunners and streamers put that kind of time into video games. Yes this game is supposed to last ten years. But just padding it out to that time length doesn’t mean it has the content to support it. Instead of trying to keep players drawn in grinding for 10 times as long as an MCC player does. Why not work to give the game an equal amount of equal content to MCC with a challenge AND skill based EXP system? 343 can still force us to pay to use rewards and we will much more gladly. Speaking for myself, I have next to no interest left in progression in MCC after 6 months of grinding and skipping over the seasons with content I don’t care about. How much time will I actually spend on Infinite after I can no longer stomach how long it will take me to complete the next set of challenges? Not much I think.


You’ve got it all wrong

The system isn’t designed to make you invest time

Its designed to make you invest money


lol you’re very right. I wanted to leave that conclusion to other posters. I didn’t wanna end on such a negative note


I literally got to pass battle pass level 51 today (I did buy the premium battle pass though.) The great news is, is that the battle pass will never go away it will stay forever so you can put progress towards it whenever you like. I played for about 12 hours today and got 26 levels I did use the double xp boosts I got from promos but still none the less it is very easy to level up the battle pass. I’m going to guess and say you can earn 25 levels in the battle pass a week so 4 weeks to hit level 100 and each battle pass is out for 3 months so you have a lot of time.

Forgive my disbelief but I’m going to have to assume you spent a boatload of cash on XP boosts and level skips too. But if you did it legitimately it’s great to hear this feedback. But until I hear more positive feedback about spending the $10/$28USD every half year on the current BP model it’s hard to risk the possibility of wasting my money on a what will ultimately be a grind when I could spend that money on a classic game and pour 1000 hours into it so I can speedrun it like I used to.

How TF did you get so much XP with the day1 challenges?

The xp boosts I got were from the monster and rockstar promos, I drink them all the time cause work so thats how I got a lot of them. I do like the battle pass and didn’t mind spending the $28 on it, but the challenges are very easy to do and thus getting xp is easy as well. My only issue is that once you get everything in the battle pass as of right now there isn’t any reason to play unless you are playing with your friends so I hope they bring regular ranks back.

Use the xp boosters I got from the monster and rockstar energy drink promos. You also get them from the battle pass as well. I also used them when I knew I was going to get the challenge that game, so its easy to level up.

Okay. That makes sense. Lotsa money on energy drinks though lol (how can that be healthy? lol) I remember using my XP boosts during the flights. I still had a fair amount of trouble getting through challenges. However, I’ll admit i’m freaking GARBAGE at Halo except for Infinite (it’s the first game I regularly get a positive KDA and get 10+ kills per match, not sure if this is Infinite being a much easier to play game/the flights and beta are still semi-broken OR the game is so new no one is particularly amazing at it yet.

Except it has the opposite effect. It makes me want to play Infinite less and makes me want to spend no money. I’m happy spending money for the campaign but the exploitation of the premium pass is putting me off the game. I got max rank in Reach and 4/5 and working towards max rank in MCC so I spend a lot of time playing Halo in general but the way there handling Infinite via greed is off putting.

I’m deeply concerned that what 343i have done may end up killing the game…which is a shame because the multiplayer is fun. I feel like there alienating a lot of fans by exploiting gamers this way. I could tolerate it if they added options to grind credits but there not and there choosing to block content and that goes against the spirit of Halo. This maybe the 1st time a Halo game has put me off by what a company has done instead of whether a game is fun or not.


Ah yeah. Those are USA exclusive things. The rest of the world did not get these boosts.

That’s exactly what I’m getting at. Towards the end of my first play session on the 15th my friend and I were asking each other if we’re gonna keep playing MCC or focus on Infinite. I’m honestly probably not gonna put any time into Infinite until the slog is alleviated. I’m not asking for a lot at the end of a match. Just a little encouragement. The slow progression is very discouraging and doesn’t seem to be in line with what 343i has been saying based on the math we’ve done. Or they don’t know math and numbers (which I think they don’t based on how they nerfed the radar because someone at 343i probably thinks meters is another word for 10x and thought the original radar was 250 FEET)

Yeh feel like the same. Loading up MCC now instead of Infinite when got home. Normally I would jump between a new Halo game, classic Halo like I did with Halo 5 then sometimes play MCC but this time I’ve finding myself more interested in playing MCC than a new modern Halo game due to 343i’s greed instead of game-play.

It’s like I hated Halo 5 but still kept playing because at least I felt like I was getting somewhere. Infinite game-play is sort of better but feel like getting nowhere and I just feel like I’ve had enough. I don’t know if 343 are going to make major changes later down the line but the way there handling Infinite at moment is putting me off.

I may end up just playing Infinite campaign on legendary when it comes out then focus on achievements then go straight back to MCC since 343i don’t seem to have a clue what there doing with Infinite. At the moment I can’t recommend the game to anyone.


I play only for the game play I could care less about an progression or cosmetics. To each there own there own though. So free to play is truly free to play for me alteast

Yeah, I feel the same way about wanting to spend less time and money due to how it was handled. I spent way too much on 5, but I felt I actually got something for my purchase right away. And I felt rewarded by playing the game. Here it feels like a chore to unblock anything, and while the game is fun itself, the XP and progression system isn’t giving me any incentive at all unlike past games.

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Your rate of progress is substantially faster than anyone I’ve heard of, the exception being those that simply purchased their way to level 100. Your progress is about 1 level every half hour, everyone else seems to be at about 1 level every 2 hours.

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Sure well I may dislike Halo 5 but that game let me unlock everything and a ranking system that encouraged to level up. Meanwhile Infinite does the opposite. Some people may not care about the unlocks but the thing is I doubt those players will still be playing Infinite in a few years and move onto something else. Me on the other hand would play most weeks and keep playing even when the population goes down. I think if 343i continues to annoy people in this way it’s going to lose both the casual and long players for Infinite if they continue to ignore the complaints.


Exactly! I’m not demanding free rewards. I just want encouragement after I play. I can make the limited customization work for me till I unlock new options. it’s the slog to get to that point that has me second guessing making the time investment. The gameplay is there. But between getting little enouragement and being insulted by the BTB announcer or AIs/SPARTAN chatter when you blow the match makes it even worse. I play for the experience, if it’s a good experience, I’ll have fun. It’s so close but this just is a total swing and a miss in terms of inviting players to continue hitting the multiplayer because seeing that XP bar in MCC creep up was great for that “I’ll play just ONE more match” mindset that keeps players player all night. How 343i/Microsoft is so disconnected with the basic incentive>play>reward cycle is beyond me.

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I stack challenges and use a double xp booster, it really isnt hard.

Not everyone has access(constant) to double xp boosters, so lucky you, I guess. Lol.

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