Why there`s no Fiesta options in Custom Games even though there`s a playlist for it

  1. I find it really odd that there is not a “Random Weapon” option in Custom Games (like all the previous Halo games) even though that there is a matcmaking playlist that feature it.
  2. There is no Custom Game option to make all players spawn with Equipment, even though that in the Fiesta Playlist we do spawn with it.

Conclusion: There`s no reason for 343 to no add these options into Custom Game as they were available in previous entries.


its a limited time mode. did you read the post fully?

I could have sworn I saw it and swat in the custom game menu under modes.
Edit: I was mistaken

That is not the point I`m trying to make.

What I`m saying is that in all the previous Halo Games , you can create your own Fiesta Custom Game Mode, but right now we lack the option to:

  1. Set weapon as “random”
  2. Set the equipment that we spawn with (like in Reach and H4).
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swat is not a gamemode yet

prob only gonna happen at launch when they work on forge and custom games more

From what we have seen in the new Event. We know that it is possible to spawn with Random Weapons & Equipment.

If it is possible then, why not just add this option in Custom Games.

read my last post.
they arent going to add it till forge and custom games revamp
or when/if fiesta becomes a perm mode

The current custom game creator is very limited on all fronts so I guess it’s just a beta placeholder.

For example when making an objective game type you can’t adjust the objective properties only the same things as in slayer.

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Yeah, this needs to be an option soon.

I think we’re all overlooking the fact. We’re getting yet another classic feature taken from us the piddled back down on us from the top.

Fiesta is literally mine and my online friends’ favorite mode to play when we’re tired of BTB and 4v4 in MCC.


Interesting point you bring

I think that since it’s a “beta” multiple game modes are not available like swat or infected. I would say that some game modes would be added at launch and others during the first month of the game just like forge and coop that are not going to be available at lunch sadly. But yeah maybe at lunch those game modes would be available in custom. Another maybe with the challenges since some doesn’t say “PvP” meaning that it could be possible to complete them in custom games.

That was my first thought until this event dropped to day and helped to affirm my suspicions about game types being taken from us and fed back piecemeal so when we do finally get the gametype 343i will receive lots of praise. It also allows them to make extra money when doing these events because more people will play the game to play their favorite gametypes, see cool customization, and pay without thinking of the fact they spent $20 on something no more tangible than an NFT.

I hope to be corrected on Dec. 8th but I am currently not hopeful since some of these game modes cannot event currently be made in custom but one is already being trickled back to us right now.

How about you leave and never come back? How in the absolute -Yoink!- can you defend a decision like this? 343 is incompetent beyond belief.