Why theater mode should be patched

I’ve been trying to make Halo: Reach machinima, and I’ve noticed how insanely difficult it is. If you own “Halo 3” go into the theater mode and play with the 3rd person camera, and Free Camera. They both feel much better than their counterparts in Halo: Reach. They’re smoother, and effortless to get a good angle. Although both Free Cameras are difficult to move slowly, an addition of a dolly cam system could fix this problem. I’m not one to complain, but I feel like it could easily be much better. Technology today allows bugs to be fixed, without recalling every copy. Why not take advantage of this? I’m sure that these additions will not go unappreciated.

Agreed, theater also needs to support more than ONE person. Two people could watch a clip in theater together in Halo 3, but not Reach. Nice logic, Bungie.