Why the Halo Franchise Has Forgotten Who It Was.

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So last night I shared a link in the General discussions forum to a video on why Halo is Dead, now I admit that late at night I wasn’t going to write some long constructive post so probably wasn’t the best time to make that post. There were a total of three people who said something, Id like to address these things and go into more detail now on why Halo is dead. So lets start with the first guy, The First guy said quote “There are countless factors relating to the various changes in game design and player base. You can’t look at slanted depictions of half the information and expect it to adequately depict the whole.” Really? You are assuming that every change is a good thing or that older players like me should be ignored, you are also assuming that players like these changes. The whole point of the video I shared was because people throughout the Halo community believe that Halo is not good anymore.Secondly this person was too lazy to even make it past the three minute mark on the video so he really didn’t know what the video was about and the points that were made. So you really have no opinion in the first place if you cant make it through a twelve minute video. This was apparently because Angry Joe was used in the review and this person doesn’t like him. Yes and? I’m not a fan of Angry Joe either, but he made a very valiant point on split screen. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they cant make good points.
The second person said quote “It is the kind of video you see around youtube that uses clickbait titles and specific, dishonest and biased examples to determine the Halo franchise as a whole and spread misinformation. Please, don’t support that.” Well no, to be honest it wasn’t clickbait if you watched the video. This person used multiple clips from interviews and youtubers to make a point and provide evidence on why the Franchise has forgotten who it was. I personally was not supporting clickbait and I wasn’t trying for it to be clickbait. It was to promote a General Discussion and reflect on where the Halo Franchise has been taken and why 343 needs to make some serious changes, since a lot of people can and will say Halo is no Longer Halo. As the Author of the video put in the description "From a gritty marine sci-fi shooter to an unreal futuristic fantasy, Halo has lost its soul and it’s integrity to 343’s eagerness to grab money from the series’ loyal fans. " I’d have to agree with that statement and if you don’t you’re just a sucker to the marketing.
Lastly the Third person said quote “If Halo died as many times as the community claimed it did, Microsoft would go bankrupt paying for funerals” Well financial success doesn’t always reflect on how good a game is nor does it reflect how well a company is doing if you have ever taken a leadership class or financial/economics class in college, when I buy a game I like I don’t know if it sucks or not? There are enough suckers to buy the game so no Microsoft isn’t going to go bankrupt, but a game or company can not be judged on financial success alone.
So why did I make this blog. Well firstly I wanted to be able to reply to these people since the Moderators locked down the forum with their iron fists because they don’t like to spark debate or discussions and Secondly because I would like to for an actual discussion on where the Franchise is going. I am going to repost the video I was talking about below and provide timestamps if you are just that lazy that you cant watch it all the way through. The beginning segment was included for the reason that the Author “Wanted them to almost act as “flashbacks” from the veterans of the war in that first scene. I wanted to portray the theme of what Halo USED to be. What it used to feel like.” I would tend to agree with that statement, Bungie did a great job with their cinematics and Halo overall. And anyone who watches the Old cinematics from older Halo’s cant help but get Nostalgic and remember good memories.
The Death of Halo : The Franchise That Forgot Who It Was By OperatorDrewski
0:00 Scene from Landfall cinematic for Halo 3 by Bungie.
2:05 Halo 5 release announcement and misinformation marketing if Chief was a traitor
2:21 Angry Joe on Split Screen
2:53 343’s informational video on the REQ System
3:13 Angry Joe’s on how much you would have to spend Microtransactions to get all cosmetics
3:31 Lead Designer from Halo CE & 2 Hardy Lebel on why he doesn’t like Microtransactions or support them
4:04 Major Nelson on Halo 5’s great AI with 343 people
4:21 Youtuber The Act Man on AI Bug and Glitches involving the AI in Halo 5
5:30 Evidence on how Req packs make the game unbalanced
5:52 IGN discussion on 343’s marketing of the Halo 5 Campaign on how it was marketed that there might be an Ideological war between Locke and Master Chief
6:07 Skilled Media on the misleading Halo 5 teasers of the Campaign
6:49 Halo 5’s release announcement at E3 evidence
6:53 IGN discussion on why the fight between Master chief and Locke was unrealistic and against the lore. Also discussing Locke’s voice actor’s mediocre voice performance and weak background and build up.
8:26 Halo 5’s story thoughts and out of place things.
8:44 Youtubers discuss Halo 5’s ugly armor and Halo Reach’s 10 Armor customization V.S Halo 5’s 3
9:08 Youtuber BigFry talking about the Lack of Master Chief and lack of no character development for Locke
9:37 Youtuber Frag Tag rach explaining Lockes uninteresting character, Lockes team, and not enough time given too Blue Team
10:03 More Disappointment in lack of Master Chief and a game that almost looks familiar to Halo 5
10:14 Halo 5’s ending VS Halo 3’s ending
10:42 Halo 3 Main Menu Vs Halo 5’s Main Menu
11:11 More examples of poor/bad AI and lies
11:46 Closing with Credits
So that is the time stamps of the video. This video highlights several things that point out how the Franchise has fallen. I felt like more points could have been made about gameplay, the Gameplay is too, Lack of the UH-144 Falcon, Crappy Maps, A crappy Forge, More about how terrible the Armor customization is, How god awful the REQ System is, Why the Thrusters ruin the game, the new Shielding system, the Guns, and so on and so on. However I don’t have enough room to explain my gripes, but this is me responding to those comments and highlighting the points that the video makes. This is to spark a discussion and Id be more than happy to talk more about subjects if the moderators don’t lock my forum again.

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