Why the Halo 4 ranking system sucks.

During a game , I saw a level 130 go 2-20. I thought “Oh , must have had a bad game” The second game , he goes 3-14 and after that I HAD to go look at his stats. I saw that he had a .51 ratio and his win percentage was under 20%. I decided that I would like to see what his actual ranking would be if halo 4 had the halo 3 ranking system and his rank was … 17. Thats right. 17. Halo 4 NEEDS a skill based ranking system immediately.

Its coming relax.

Good thing SR =/= Skill rank.

CSR is what its called

I’m just gonna say this as it is.

If you really feel you should judge someone by their progression ranking, you honestly need a fix for the top floor.

SR-1s can be SR-130s.

Recruits can beat Inheritors.

CSR is coming to Halo 4 very soon. It’s time for patience.