Why the for Halo 4?

why all the hate? i keep reading the forums and i keep seeing more and more hate to halo 4, but for real people halo 4 yes it has bugs and glitches that why it’s are job as the community to relay feedback in a nice manner .im not saying all the feedback is rudely written but most is and it just silly, also to the people who want 343i to reply to them they wont because they are probably to busy working on TU and the map packs. Yes, im while aware of lot of the bugs and glitches but i don’t care its really like meh you work pass it and enjoy it.

but i do agree how they handle the whole specializations could have been done a lot better but for now to all the people waiting for the code for specializations just please wait play the game to have fun not to rank up that make it so boring.

but for now everyone can we all just stop being rude with the complaints, and make them nicely worded and thought out and i have seen a few topics like that and just wait for the TU and specialization code

in the mean time folks just play halo 4 for fun sit not to win or rank to just enjoy the game till they get the TU done at least