Why the focus on FFA crap?

The minority of halo players want to play these FFA crap game modes. What is wrong with 343?


I hate FFA, but i do get it with the theme.

What i am absolute disgusted by is the whole set-up with LSS. The SBMM seems (in my experience) to be just as loose as with BTB, while FFA needs a very strict SBMM. On top of that you get better weapons with more kills, so the already big skill gaps are only made artificially worse. And on top of that (again) there are a lot of power equipments, which ofcourse due to the skill difference are (mostly) picked up by those much more skilled players. That leaves a lot of players that have to fight against (way) better players, that have better weapons and an active camo or overshield. How can you ask those players to enjoy that? That is so extremely biased in favour of the more skilled players, that it’s just a stomp fest… Its infuriating. Never had such a bad time trying to complete the challenges.

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Lone Wolves. ​


Battle Royales can be a lot of fun in other games, and I enjoyed Last Spartan Standing towards the beginning.
Though now I’m annoyed at how they said it would be “on Big Team Battle maps” (and thus have more variety) and instead it’s limited to just the ONE new map that’s designed for the mode


Other maps are coming next week, this was a new map showcase.

Because apparently 343i wanted it this way. So they made it this way.

Personally I didn’t really like FFA and wouldn’t have played any of it in S1. But then BTB went down and I needed something to do. So I tried the FFA playlist and it was more fun than any of the other games’ FFA. So I kinda like it. I get why someone wouldn’t though.

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No one asked for this crap

(read in x person’s voice) “When creating and implementing new modes and content, we really want everything feeling consistent and directly inline with each season’s theme. For Lone Wolves, our goal was to really bring forth the feeling of players being all alone, with no one to go into battle, chat, or play with.” “In fact much of this season’s content was specifically designed to really drive home those feelings for our remaining players”

Just to be clear this is a joke, in all seriousness tho, It does kinda go with the theme

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I mean I didn’t sign up to experience existential dread, but such is life.

If the challenge system keeps forcing LSS on me I’m probably not going to last through the season

It’s just for this specific event. It should be ending next reset. Like how Tenrai focused on Fiesta. Except for a one-time event instead of one that will keep coming around throughout the season.

On the OP’s topic: Rumble Pit and Lone Wolves (ranked FFA) have always been very popular playlists in Halo. So claiming only a minority of players play FFA is a bad call.

I can’t wait to have to play Fortnite BR mode every week in order to get all the weeklies done!!!

It’ll be just like fiesta!!!

Seriously FFA sucks, every high skill game devolves into rage quitting before anyone can kill you and camping in corners.

People only hate on FFA because you can’t be carried by other players.

I literally won today on lss 22-2 lmao I still had 4 respawns left. I think you get carried every game now that you said that.

It is currently limited to one map thanks to the event. After the event, it will be available for the other BTB maps.

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A lot of people actually like FFA styled games actually. Please try not to project what you want onto everyone else.

I’m not a big fan usually of FFA either, but I’m not going to pretend I know what everyone else thinks about it as well.

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Halo’s sandbox is wide. Or for Infinite, at least heading in that direction.

You won’t like the focus on every Event. But you just need patience. You will get your time in the sun, whatever gametype that may be.

God help me if / when Grifball get’s the spotlight :roll_eyes:

I enjoy LSS but I suck at it…that or I’m playing HCS players :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:. Not afraid to admit it. Does it need improvement…absolutely.

No it’s because we have friends, we don’t care about FFA garbage