Why The Flood NEED to return

Ever since Halo CE, the flood have been one of the most original and most terrifying enemy types in FPS history. So to amp everyone up with the precursor stuff and even have a FLOOD EASTER EGG in campaign and then NOT including them is ridiculous and depressing. The Flood can be a Teen rated thing. 343, WHY didn’t you put in the flood? I need to know this. Does it pertain to the campaign? Will they appear in the future?

Now, why the flood NEED to return. The flood have always been a key articulation point in Halo Canon and Lore. They are part of the whole plot. This game is full of plot holes and bad storytelling. The flood would fix most of that. The absence of Halo 4-5 characters feels wrong but the absence of FLOOD? It’s like being betrayed. The absence of FORERUNNERS? Betrayal. Dont scrap the story because that will cause more problems and issues and will scare off the campaign player fan base.


I’m not shocked that the flood didn’t appeared in the campaign, they haven’t their place in this story. If they appear, they need to be a major threat to everyone. I imagine a DLC campaign where the flood invade Halo Zeta and everyone have to fight them.
HW2 show them in a DLC, Halo Infinite is a ten year game, so one way or another, they have to appeared !


Won’t happen, they want to keep the T rating. Flying grunts are worse than the Flood apparently.

I agree. The flood were such an essential aspect of Halo, replacing their threat with “the endless” is totally uninteresting to me. After the flood disappearing in 4 and 5 I feel like we would be in a perfect place for their return.

The flood added an essential horror element to the game… Reach did an okay job at bringing that horror element back in without the flood by making the covenant darker and more violent, but that has totally gone away in 343s games.


This. Can’t sell shooty space man to kids with mums credit card if you have an M rating.


“Believe me humans, you do not want to control this ring. There’s all kinds of overheads and upkeep, weird critters crawling around inside and the - - well, that’s classified, but believe me, it sucks” - Grunt radio



There’s literally zero reason the flood needs to come back. I love that in this culture of reboots, remakes, and retellings, everyone and their mother complains about how stories can’t be original anymore, and yet here we are talking about how we should resurrect the flood again for the sake of fan appeasement. No thanks.

This will be the emperor in Rise of Skywalker all over again.


I wouldn’t go as far to say that the Flood returning is like Palpatine returning. Palpatine is one man who fell down a reactor shaft, exploded, and exploded again when the Death Star went supernova.

The Flood was a far reaching infection that spread across all known space at one point, and is now contained in various locations throughout the galaxy. While Halo 3 wrapped up the Flood outbreak on the Arc it did not wipe out every trace of the Flood. Even without 343i’s retcons the Flood has always been existed inside ancient containment systems. Point being there was always potential for it to return


Ohh damn, I haven’t played the campaign yet and was assuming the Flood would be in it… Sigh

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Having them return undermines the struggle of defeating them. I don’t want a recurring galactic threat that will end civilization.


I’m honestly fine with the flood being done with their side of the story. As long as they can come up with something that can grasp us just as well besides them.

In stories, you don’t want to keep going with the same story on and on forever because eventually people will get tired of it.

Full agree. If they can’t be defeated, where is the hope of defeating them and saving the galaxy supposed to come in? If they just keep coming back that’s going to be exhausting both for the people in the universe and for the viewers reading the story. How do you end a foe who won’t die?

You play another game, tbh. I hate that Awakening The Nightmare happened, that it showed the possibility was there.


The Flood (as far as I can tell) are meant to be an unbeatable and ever evolving foe, they seemingly have all kinds of BS they can pull off no matter how many of them are killed nor the circumstance… The idea of them is far cooler than their execution in the games because they are probably the least fun enemy in Halo history.

The real reason that 343i are pivoting towards the Endless is because (I suspect) that the Flood are just not an interesting antagonist. Like yeah the Gravemind and his riddles and haikus is cool, but I would argue that the Prophets, the Heretic, even the new baddies in Atriox/Escharum are far more compelling and just interesting story wise. Flood are too predictable story wise.

Going back to OP I do think their return is guaranteed/inevitable. The reality is that they have tons of lore and backstory even in the current setting of Zeta Halo, and that there are good reasons plot wise why they’d return, not to mention that they could really make them into a crazy enemy with enough time/resources put behind them. I’d love to see them even remotely as diverse or interesting as we saw in Awaken the Nightmare.

Let me give my predictions for how this will unfold:


It’ll be released alongside a Flood themed Infection mode in October, the story will basically be the Endless releasing them in order to weaken the UNSC/Banished (because Endless are immune to the Flood for reasons) then towards the end of the DLC/expansion you’ll see some more hints to what the Endless are going to be like. I do not think Endless will come into 2023 frankly, 343i are banking on achieving something they have never really succeeded at before, and that is they want Endless to be the new Covenant/Banished/whatever.


bro/sis, let them fix the current MP, and then we can ask for the flood, just my toughs.

The Flood are certainly uninteresting to go up against. But I also have absolutely no love for Zombies, or seeing people I care about get turned into zombies / being forced to kill them.

I far prefer whatever The Endless are going to be.

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The real question is if the Endless are Precursors or not. If they are then surely any sort of DLC revolved around the Flood would tie in somehow to this. If they are a completely new enemy we’ve never seen or heard about I suspect that the two stories will be essentially unconnected in any significant way.

They are certainly not precursors. This isn’t a dig at you but the #1 mistake fandoms everywhere make is, “Is this something I know?” and the answer is… Usually, no.

Only because everything done with them has been extremely basic.

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I’d bet anything we’ll get them at some point. The game is planned to be a 10-year platform. That means a decade of story expansions. Idk if I think they’ll ever be the main threat again, but I’m almost positive we’ll fight them in some form.

Especially considering we got a glimpse of a flood infection form cylix. It’s Chekhov’s gun. I firmly believe that’s them planting the seeds so that somewhere down the line it’s not like the flood just popped up out of nowhere.