Why the Falcon Isn't in MoR & How it Could've Been

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people upset about the Falcon not being in the latest update, and a lot of people are saying that it wouldn’t play well.
Well, I’m here to say it could’ve been, but that 343 made the right call on not putting it in.
Full disclaimer, I was hoping for the Falcon to be in the update, I’m disappointed but at the same time relieved.

Why it wasn’t implemented:
The problem with bringing it to Halo 5 as it is is similar to the same problem it had in Halo Reach. It’s not that evasive, and it’s a big target, and it’s firepower is dependent on the orientation of the vehicle and having a gunner. Basically rendering the Falcon useful only for transportation.
With all the new and redesigned weapons in Halo 5 that weren’t in Reach means the Falcon would be destroyed even quicker. With lock-on Hydras, vehicle tracking Plasma Casters, weapon variants for power weapons, two different type of Rocket Launchers, and the recently buffed Spartan Laser, the Falcon would be shot down instantly.
So instead of spending time, money, and effort into redesigning the Falcon, balancing it, recreating it, and playtesting it for, say… 4 or 5 months, 343 decided to take an already balanced, designed, created, and playtested asset and create a variant of that which was already lacking.
So I am relieved that we don’t have a potentially unbalanced or useless Falcon in the new update.

How it could’ve been implemented:
The Falcon was wanted by the majority, and rightly so as it was one of the only two human flying vehicles in Halo (excluding Halo Wars and the Combat Pelican from 4), and the only flying vehicle (again excluding the Combat Pelican) that had gunner seats for passengers. It also had really good flying mechanics.
How it could’ve been implemented without being useless or unbalanced is by redesigning it. Give the pilot an offensive mechanic (like a machine gun), beef up the weapons of the passengers, allow flag carriers on board, increase the health of it, make it a little more evasive, etc.
Put it through playtesting so that you can tweak the redesign to not be underpowered or overpowered. Make sure it would play well and serve a good purpose in the game.
The only problem with all this is that would take a lot of time, money, and effort, that just ain’t worth it for a monthly content drop, especially in comparison to how easy it would be to implement a Phaeton variant.
So that is why I am disappointed, as I did wish they add the Falcon, redesigned to be useful.

Coudl’ve been implemented by redesigning and playtesting, but ultimately not done due to time and cost and the ease of introducing a new Phaeton variant.

Nuff said

This is very true, but you never see pheatons any way so i feel like they are suffering from the same problems as a falcon would have. Thats why I thinks they added a varient.

This is vsery true, but how much money would’ve been spent on gold packs to get this item? A lot, missed opportunity on 343 to generate cashm

Honestly, I think that if 343i ever introduces a new Airborne UNSC vehicle to Halo 5, it has to be completely new. None of the previously established vehicles (Hornet, Falcon, Sparrow, and Pelican) would perform in a balanced manner in Halo 5. The Sparrowhawk and Pelican would be vastly overpowered, and the Hornet is directly outclassed by the Phaeton. The Falcon is a bit tricky, but it ends up being outclassed by the Phaeton and numerous AA weapons due to its many vulnerabilities (lack of pilot weapons, huge turret blindspots, slow speed).

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> This is vsery true, but how much money would’ve been spent on gold packs to get this item? A lot, missed opportunity on 343 to generate cashm

No, they didn’t. The amount of time spent rebalancing, recreating the art assets (and they have to as the old falcon does not fit the art style, and is graphically outdated) for Halo 5, and playtesting, they would make less money than they did with the Phaeton. Think about it, 343 is a triple AAA company, and they are releasing a major content drop called “Memories of Reach”. Do you honestly think they didn’t consider and think through possibly adding the Falcon?