Why the DMR? Why not the Needle Rifle?

Looks awkwardly at Battle Rifle and S7. Yes, the campaign sandbox is very varied and you aren’t pushed towards certain guns. :grimacing:

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i say why not both… like super smash, i think infinite has the potential to be the culmination of all previous halos… but does 343 see that… idk… i hope so… but idk.


The DMR is as noted a UNSC weapon, and do you know what those have which the Covenant / Banished stuff doesn’t?
Coats, attachments, emblems and charms.

The Needle Rifle would merely be another weapon while the DMR is a weapon AND an opportunity to multi-dip into the cosmetic-sales salsa, and making more weekly challenge content… The DMR being known and popular does not increase the favour of the Needle Rifle either.

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Out of the dmr, needle rifle, and carbine, I like the dmr the most. Honestly though, given the current sandbox I think because the banished only have 1 precision rifle like you said and unsc have 2 (kinda), I would go with either carbine or needle rifle. Personally I’d want carbine because that just feels like such a staple Halo gun to me.

Because dmr is chad gun and can never be replaced

They did say that they where gonna do something relatively like that Aka doing a “all halos combined and more” kind of thing. So It could be seen in the foreseeable future.

I might actually play the game if it brought back the needle rifle.

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I want all the UNSC weaponry. I’m stoked for the DMR. I hate the Commando lol. I just suck with it, not saying it’s a bad weapon. I just dislike everything about it

I miss the Needle Rifle, it was a great alternative to the DMR in Reach with a fair trade-off of more bullets per clip over impact damage among other trade-offs like 2x zoom instead of 3x and had higher fire rate.

Since the Banished are pretty damn good with recycling and reusing Covenant tech and weapons along with UNSC and Forerunner it would come as no surprise that they would use the Needle rifle along with the Carbine.

The Blood of Suban was very close in Halo 5, but considerably OP since it was a Warzone REQ, and warzone is naturally unbalanced thanks to the whole REQ system in the first place.

My only correction is the banished have 3 precision guns. Skewer, stalker rifle, and shock rifle.
but the skewer is just a extremely powerful sniper.
The stalker rifle has no damage to its name.
The shockrifle isn’t functional with all the desync happening.

Shock rifle is godly overpowered and I both love it and wish it wouldn’t show up as often lol

Stalker is good, a solid rifle overall and vital to winning in ranked when it’s available. It’s definitely no sniper though.

I hate the skewer. It’s probably my least favorite weapon. It feels like random nobodies get free kills with it and my spikes just stick into people without hurting them because of desync.

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Did I miss something? Are they bring the DMR’s back???

What’s funny about this if that if 343 weren’t run by dolts, they could’ve just monetized all the guns instead of the UNSC guns.

So your argument is right, but it shouldn’t be.

The shock rifle and commando were my favorite weapons during the flight.
But desync makes the shock rifle unusable for me though. Local academy, shots land where I want.
In-match, shots are as far away from the reticle as possible.

Idk why other users of the shock rifle are spot on. Me. I’ll get a headshot multiple times and only deal 2% damage


It feels like its not directly on the head just slightly over the head

Lmao no I’ll have that sight picture square in between the eyes on the chrome dome.

No point in not making one!!! Forge is supposed to have a weapon combination system. Could take a stalker rifle combine it with needler ammo and boom. Mock-up needle rifle!

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Reads title

Why thays a easy question to answer OP

Its because the dmr is a unsc weapon and the needle rifle is a covenant weapon we all know how 343 higher-ups feels about that

Unsc weapons will sell more merchandise
Get those alien guns out of here

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Both the needle rifle and dmr came from a game with bloom. I personally believe that all three (carbin, dmr and needle rifle) have a place in Halo Infinite.