Why the DMR? Why not the Needle Rifle?

What I don’t understand is, why bring back the DMR? It’s yet ANOTHER UNSC precision weapon while the Banished have none in this game besides the Stalker Rifle.

Why not the carbine or the needle rifle?

Needle Rifle is legit one of my favorite weapons in the whole series, it did exactly what I feel a precision gun should. It rewards aim and not spamming it, and wasn’t a vehicle murdering super weapon. It looked and sounded cool, and felt good to use. It should have been the main weapon in Reach instead of the DMR imo.

I hate the DMR, I’m straight up biased. But I think my logic is sound here.


I’ve been told a lot of Halo players like Reach because with the aging Halo Community they’re the last big cohort left.

Plus just in general human weapons have always been more popular and in demand than Covenant or Forerunner guns. Helped out by the fact they are all noticeably more powerful and easy to use.


Bring them all in id say every covenant and human and forunner even if their just put into forge for people to add them into their own gamemodes would be nice


I wish we had more Covenant weapons in the sandbox. Milsim shouldn’t be the only show in town.


I’d bet good money it’s because it is just easier for 343 to mod the H5 files to fit into Infinite than to actually work on brand new content for the game.


I wish they brought back the SMG or even the Brute Shot.

The DMR is easily the worst UNSC weapon to ever exist in Halo.


This guy spits facts


I was really hoping when 343 said theyd expand the sandbox it wouldn’t immediately turn into bloat but here we are, getting another UNSC precision weapon. Could’ve had the brute shot, Pro Pipe, the cut Spike Rifle or Armament Blaster, Sticky Detonator, CE Plasma Rifle. Unique guns. Nope, instead we’re headed back to the 7 different precision weapon sandbox of Halo 5.

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Also Campaign because it won’t make any balancing issues. If you don’t like a gun in campaign don’t pick it up and use the ones you like.that’s why having variety is good.


sorry, but thats just not the case. There’s a lot that goes into balancing campaign sandboxes in order to promote variety. Otherwise, many players will use the optimal setup at all times and it results in the gameplay being stale. On top of that, adding more and more weapons to an existing campaign sandbox makes it incredibly challenging to tune over time as more and more weapons bloat the sandbox.

How many banished guns/vehicles can you customize with stuff from the store? Yes, zero.

How many unsc stuff can you upgrade with bling blings from the store? Yes, all of them.

Bonus question: what side do you choose when you want to make the maximum amount of money?


They could have put out the ability to change skins on nonhuman weapons


Yes but they didn’t. Maybe not enough development time (lol). I’m betting that this feature will come at a very later date but to make quick bucks, it’s human equipment first at this moment.

i don’t think it rewards aim at all when you can just hold the trigger down and still finish someone off.

However, i agree i do like the gun and it would likely fit into the sandbox well. Maybe, we’ll get the carbine too, it seemed finished like all the other cut guns in the files…

It’s a brand new set of models and textures, sounds, effects, to bring the M392 from Reach into Infinite. There is no porting going on here.

Well frankly because the people love Reach and the DMR. Frankly, I’m happy to see it return.

Though, we’re thinking about it wrong. This isn’t the DMR anymore, this is the Bandit.

That might seem like a pointless discrepancy now but… I think there’s a reason it lacks the scope - and I DON’T think it’s attachments.


God I miss the Brute Shot so much.


The Needle Rifle is probably the second most unique utility weapon in the franchise. It’s between it, and the Focus Rifle.

One is unique because it’s a perpetual laser instead of a semi auto or burst weapon, and was entirely about target tracking instead of headshots. The other is unique because it can make them explode if you don’t go for the headshot.

All the rest are just variable damage-per-shot/rate-of-fire ratios of the exact same concept of one another. From the fast firing, low damage Sidekick, Commando, 4 Magnum, and Carbine, to the slow firing, medium damage of the DMR, 5 Magnum, BR, and Light Rifle (slow firing high damage when scoped) to the average rof high damage CE Magnum and Stalker. Then the Reach Magnum all alone in a fast firing medium damage category.

For the most part these were all the same gun. And the only thing separating the NR from the other fast firing, low damage weapons was the supercombine capability.

It is also fully automatic. One of the few fully automatic precision weapons that can also make someone explode.

Frankly it might as well have been in over the Commando too. Both are mid-range, full-auto rifles. Except the NR has a different damage type that technically bypasses shield damage. Would at least be more distinct from the BR.

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True, but it’s accuracy was so bad full auto it wasn’t worth using the mechanic except in TU and Zero Bloom, but those were released very late in the game’s lifecycle.

And even full auto it fired slower than a Carbine, or the Reach Magnum