Why the Challenge System is so Poisonous

343 made a fun-to-play halo game, but the challenge system is destroying this game from the inside. Here is a list of just some of the negative impacts:

  1. Encourages players to quit games if they haven’t found the right “type” of match
  2. Encourages players to use weapons they don’t like, or weapons that don’t work in their current gunfight scenario. IE- using a pistol when you have a BR, just because you need pistol kills.
  3. Forces players into matchmaking playlists they don’t want to play. Matchmaking playlist population should be driven by ONE THING ONLY - how fun the playlist is.

Here is an easy fix: Get rid of challenges completely. In return, give players experience PER MATCH, just like every single other halo game in history. It works… it just plain works. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Match XP will be based on multiple things:

  1. Time in match
  2. Performance in match
  3. Win bonus
  4. Win streak bonus

Boom. Less work for you 343, more fun for us. Please don’t make this any more complicated than it has to be. Let us just enjoy the fun game you’ve made without all this challenge nonsense.

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Came on here to complain about the same thing honestly hah. 343 need to think about how the challenges they set will affect in-game. Giving “25 melee kills in attrition” eg. is so irresponsible, people either swap for a better one or sadly run around only meleeing in a mode where life conservation is key -_- Melee spam is bad enough as it is thanks.

I agree on a more standard system but I don’t think challenges are bad if done right, stuff like “get x headshots” is encouraging people to aim better, I don’t see a downside to that. Undecided on “win x matches” cus on the 1 hand it pushes you to go harder for a win but on the other if you have rotten luck and teams so bad carrying won’t even help, you’re screwed through no fault of your own.

Challenges should be tests/encouragements of good personal play and behaviour. If they encourage you to play stupidly or selfishly they’re poison like you said. If they force you to use broken weapons or rely on things out of your hands - they aren’t challenges they’re chores.

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Yea I agree. Half the challenges aren’t even challenges. Like “play x number of oddball matches”. That isn’t “challenging” at all, it’s just dumb luck… you can even AFK in the oddball match and still complete the challenge.

I am all for challenges that promote HEALTHY gameplay though. Like you said “get x number of headshots” or “win x number of matches in a row”

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Aye it’s not like we have an option to choose what we play, it’s basically a slot machine, the currency used is your time and patience and the reward is, frankly borderline nothing. AFK’s need booted straight out the window, so sick of them. Feels like 343 don’t get how much their bad decisions and negligence are making the community miserable at the moment :S