Why the battle pass is necessary

First I’m not gonna defend the high priced customizables.

I just want to point out that when everyday life…gas, food etc was a fraction of the cost back in the 80s. Games were $50. Almost 40 years later they are only $10 more. Gamers have made it very clear that they will not pay a higher upfront cost for a game.
I’ve seen a lot of posts talking about how no one asked for free to play and they was gonna pay the $60. Well we did ask for free to play because $60 isnt a sustainable price. For 20 years now developers have been trying to figure out how to get the backend cost of around $20 to $40 to make up for the fa t most would only pay $60
In the 80s it took less than 20 people to make a game. Now a days it takes 100s with college degrees who expect to be compensated. Millions in advertising and this game is only on 1 console and pc.
At first they tried map packs. A good deal really but half the community wouldnt buy them and it broke the experience for the ones who did.
Then thier was budget gamers who would only buy a game if it was sitting on the shelf with a used sticker at $20 off. All that money went to gamestop and still does. Battlepass is away to recoup the additional cost of development, attain revenue from gamers who buy used, and not break the experience when new maps come out.
$20 for armour…-Yoink!- that but I’ve seen enough of it in games to know 343 is selling it. Maybe in a few months they’ll drop the price on some of the older kits and I’ll get one. Either way I played halo 5 everyday till this game dropped and with the exception of halo 4 I did the same with the others. So they’ll get thier back end from me with the battle pass. I’m good with that cause I’d like to see a halo 7 down the road


I don’t know who you have been speaking to but everyone I game with have always preffered to pay a upfront cost.

Id rather pay $60 outright for the game and unlock rewards for completing certain things like achievements, LASO etc while having a great fun time.

Heck, I’d even pay $100 one off for the game if i had to.

But instead, its Free to Play with tons of money spending needed to unlock anything!!!

The term speaks for itself anyway.

FREE TO PLAY…Free to play the game only.

343: “Hey all, come along…its free to download and play

US: “No way…dude that’s awesome, thanks 343

343: “Oh by the way, you can play., but if you want to have fun, look good, play at your own pace and unlock cool stuff like ALL the old Halo’s then you need to pay!!”

US: :open_mouth: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

343: “You guys didn’t read the small print did you


But you said it in the opening. Youd rather pay $60.
$60 was 20 years ago. With rising costs they want $80 to 100
Are you willing to pay $100 upfront. If so you are in a minority and its these micro backend costs that get developers thier $100 per player


Dude, Id rather pay $200 upfront if i had to, better than spending $1000s on everything bit by bit

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Also, $100 per player? Dude, one of the Armour sets cost $25 itself.

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You’d needn’t worry about this, Microsoft is a multi-trillion dollar company & Halo is their flagship title for the Xbox

Nobody really has a problem with the battle pass, they have a problem with how it’s implemented & how the store has more variety than the pass

Don’t use this concern that the franchise will suddenly end to justify the current problems Infinite has with monetization and progression.


What game has actually tried increasing base price?

This gets brought up a lot, but there’s no evidence to suggest that players wouldn’t be willing to pay more upfront if they didn’t have to be nickle and dimed.

I’d say there’s quite the opposite, limited editions that cost 100+ dollars, often including junk, sell pretty well.


Every game gets released with like 3 versions. Each about $10 bucks more than the last. Hell halo 3 came out with a legendary version that had a replica of the chiefs helmet. Almost no one buys these digital deluxe versions. Even though the extras included all the new maps in the old season passes. All the extra characters in fighting games. But people bought the $60 game and slowly paid for the extra items over time when they were released. Even though they were paying say and extra $5 for each map pack
As far as including junk…yea it’s a lot easier to plan for extras as time goes on then all the way in advance when a games released. This new system makes more sense FOR THEM

I already said I wasnt defending the high price. But heres how the economics of this work. Yeah that’s a $5 dollar armour set that someone has to buy for them. Plus cover the cost for four of us who wont buy anything after the game ships. Like I said they used to pur in entire teams to sell us maps. I always thought good map packs were a good deal. But everytime I bought one there were like 4 of you who wouldnt and therefore these maps never made it into matchmaking g cause some piece of -Yoink!- in the lobby didnt have them. Now we all get the maps for free cause that rich kid bought that $25 armour. And they are cause I’ve seen them in matchmaking g already and theres almost always one person rockin g that half off esports color coding PER GAME. Sorry but not sorry. I dont have to posses everything in this world. I’ll due without armour and enjoy free map packs this system offers

I see what you’re saying. The existence of the Battlepass itself is justifiable. Absolutley. You can’t expect a company not to make its money. Its how they’re doing it. They are expecting far too much, and giving far too little.

Why drip feed content to this extent? Why are cosmetic items more expensive than the $10 battlepass? Why are 40 of the 66 free battlepass items XP Boosts and Challenge swaps? Are you supposed to use and XP boosts to get to the next Challenge swap?

It’s good that you are content with what you were given. The majority, however, are not and for good reason.

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IDK about everyone, but I don’t think a lot of criticism is because of the battle pass existing, more so the the fact that;

  1. The store prices are absurd. $20 for an armor bundle. That’s double the price of the pass itself, and one third of the price of campaign… for a set…
  2. The battlepass is very underwhelming with tons of padding. When almost half of a battle pass is boosts and challengs swaps, there’s a problem. Additionally, the ‘Heroes of Reach’ pass doesn’t include all reach armors - we know the missing ones are coming to the store.
  3. They were misleading/disingenuous when it came to what we’d be able to unlock.
  4. There’s no way to earn premium currency through gameplay like many other free to play games.
  5. The cycling store and limited event progress promotes FOMO mentality, something they said they were not going to do.

Now, for the ‘inflation’ argument - They’re digital items. Sure, they had to pay artists and devs to create it, but it’s not like that’s a repeatable thing. They’re not hiring the artist to create the item each time someone buys it. They put it up, people buy it.

I’d understand the justification if the game was being sold bundles with the campaign and there was a price increase. That’s not the case however. This is a live service game, and make no mistake - they’re going to make 10x the amount of money over it’s lifetime than any other Halo game, with or without predatory practices.

Doesnt literally every f2p game do this? Its not unique to halo and halo only. Its a flawed system yes but it is one used by everyone, even 343 unfortunately.

the way 343 is doing it? No, it is in no way what “every f2p game doing this” as there are games that allow you to earn the in game currency for free and also allowing players to get free items through free lootboxes not locking everything behind battlepass and making it a slough to get through

Why do you need ever piece of armour that drops for this game?

Yea you’re right, 343 are the only ones allowing us to keep the battlepass. I think they did it as a compromise to slaving away for Microsoft. But at the end of the day, Microsoft gets paid.

Umm I’m just going to say this is misleading. Battle Pass does not mean the average designers gets a pay rise just because of BP. It’s more likely only the higher ups get pay rises. 343i isn’t so special that there somehow worse off than everyone else. Barely anyone asked for F2P and no £50-£60 is fine and it wasn’t that long that they were expecting double Xbox Live costs. I don’t believe for a second that 343i are struggling and it feels more like there trying to cut corners and maximise their profits. I love making games but the prices that there doing is insulting to gamers and other designers that want games to be respectful.

Also you’d be surprised how many people get into the industry with barely any qualifications because they self-studied. As advertising I feel like this has been the weakest advertising I’ve seen in the entire franchise so not sure where you’re getting millions from.

Sure there are people who only buy games when there on sale but there are also a lot of people that buy games on launch. People shouldn’t just tolerate a worse experience just because a gamer isn’t patient enough to save up or due to higher up staff wanting to get richer. Battlepass is not a good and is a poor excuse to manipulate gamers to try guilt trip gamers and they make enough money and I seriously doubt they need a £1000+ more per person to keep the company afloat. If they are struggling then it’s down to bad business decision making and due to constantly ignoring the community’s complaints.

Yes… Free to play the game… What’s the issue? The only thing that’s behind a paywall is cosmetics. Has no effect whatsoever on the game. Even new maps are going to be free. That’s an amazing deal.

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PS2 games were all either $30 or $40 depending on how high profile they were. This was less than 20 years ago. I’m not sure where you’re getting $50 for games in the 80’s from. Not that I was around then to know, but regardless, no one actually has a problem with the battle pass existing. They have a problem with the time it takes to complete it. 100 hours+ if you focus on those challenges that don’t allow you to play the game the way you want. 300 hours+ if you ignore the challenges. It’s specifically designed to be out of reach of the normal gamer time-wise for completion. Most of the people who bought this pass will not receive everything in the pass that they payed for.

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Nes games were 50. And ps1 games were 50 too. As well as sega genesis and snes. Some sega CD games actually started going hire than 50. And you could expect to pay upwards of $150 for a neo geo game in the early 90s but that is a different topic all together. You are talking about used and or bargain bin.
You might have been able to get some games for the cheap. The 2k sports were known for releasing football games to under cut madden which led to them -Yoink!- off the nfl and giving ea the exclusive license. But you would not be paying less than $50 for a triple as title like final fantasy, tony hawk, metal Gear, any n64 game these were outrageous

it’s not necessary at all. it’s necessary for investor profit margains.