Why the bandit rifle as a CQC weapon makes no sense

One of the most ridiculous things I saw in the new update video is how the “new” bandit rifle is being portrayed as a close-quarters weapon replacement. Did you guys forget that’s what the pistol is for? Taking the scope off what used to be a long-range marksman rifle and passing it off as a pistol replacement is asinine. It’s meant to be a single-fire competitor to the BR, but you already have the commando rifle and thought that’d be too many mid-long range weapons, so you tried to pass it off as a close range weapon. In what world is a person going to bring a rifle like that in a closed-in room and chose that over something as compact and mobile as a handgun? Spartan capabilities be -Yoink!-. If you wanted a close range firearm but thought the sidekick fired too fast, there’s literally multiple variations of the pistol that have been introduced already into the franchise. Butchering the DMR to fit a CQC role does not cut it. In all honesty, this was a problem the sandbox team created by introducing the sidekick and commando in the first place instead of having a more traditional, slower firing pistol. Banking off nostalgia by bringing back an iconic Halo Reach weapon and making it function in ranges it wasn’t originally meant to function is going to anger a lot of the fans you want to come back when they try the weapon out in season 3. That’s if they decide to download the game again. I guess it’s too late to rework the weapon now since it’s already been officially revealed. I don’t think I’ve ever been more frustrated with a game’s development before. Kind of makes me wish I knew how to make games so I could be behind the scenes guiding this team, because whoever is in charge of it right now is doing a horrible job.

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Personally I think they took the scope off so it matches the one from the show.


They said it “feels like the DMR from Reach, but the goal was to make it much more effective at close range”. “You can zoom in with smart link (like the pistol)”. “But you can’t be descoped”.

Sounds interesting?

Not sure I would write it off as a “pistol replacement” from what was said in the video.


Sounds like it will be fun to try at the very least.


Seems like it should be filling the roll the Commando should have originally


it actually does make sense though. 343i very specifically did not want to repeat the same mistakes of the DMR, specifically they didn’t want a weapon that is oppressive from across the map.

Really though its mostly designed for Esports/competitive play, 343i will likely end up making it the starting weapon in Ranked. Pistol wouldn’t be enjoyable from a viewership experience, people prefer rifles.

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I doubt anything will replace a BR start. People lose their minds with no BR starts

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That was literally the entirety of ranked H5. Plus, this weapon is hardly going to see use in competitive when there’s already the BR. The sidekick already beats it in terms of ttk in close quarters as well.

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I agree. I prefer for the DMR to remain a long range competitor to the BR.

We’ll see. I think pros would love it just because of how it would change the meta and whatnot, but it’ll have to be tested thoroughly before the decision was made.

Yes and viewership for Halo 5 was horrid. Pistols don’t look nor feel as good as rifles do, this was part of the reason they created the BR in the first place back in Halo 2. They’ll probably decide its fate in March obviously, it’ll either be a pickup or it’ll become the starting weapon, either way its far more important competitively than casually.

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I mean you’re complaining about a gun you’ve never used yourself or even seen a video of the gameplay. Maybe see how it functions first before losing too much sleep over it?


Reminds me of classic Blackadder;

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Yeah it feels like a proper nerf to the DMR. In Reach it was the most oppressive gun we have ever had in a Halo game to date.

It had all the pros of a BR except it was easier to use and had antimaterial rounds. Bloom was honestly negligible unless you were trying to snipe across Hemorrhage with the thing and even then it was super effective.

I will say i already know the Commando is getting outclassed now so this will make things worse. The BR as it stands is still too strong and could use a couple of minor nerfs as no other ranged weapon is near as easy to use and the BR can easily outkill the others with descope and ammo counts.

Im, no matter how there balance of the Bandit rifle turns out, it’s mere existence will probably be good for the game.

It seems like it could offer a third loadout setup, which will help with balancing 4v4 ranked, 4v4 social, and 12v12. Imo, each of these multiplayer modules play distinctly enough from each other that having specific loadout weapons to balance in each module will lead to better experiences.

I was hoping the first gun they added would be something more interesting like the flamethrower from h1 and h3. Or grenade launcher from reach and h5. Or incineration cannon from H5.

The DMR is a boring option and I agree it overlaps with the Commando/Sidekick/ BR too much. Which means it will either not be worth using or make one or more of those guns not worth using. I agree that I dont see it fitting into a unique niche

I don’t think it’s a CQC weapon, looks more like a BR staple where you loot attachments.
MP version may just come with the Scope by default.

I just have to say, with all the potential new weapons that could be included in Halo Infinite, with all the iconic weapons that are currently missing (M6 Magnum, Plasma Rifle, M7 SMG, Carbine, Spartan Laser, Fuel Rod Gun, Spiker, Brute Shot, etc.), the fact that 343 is leading new weapons with the “Bandit Rifle” of all things gives me the impression they do not understand what people like about Halo’s weapons.

It’s not the end of the world, but I fail to see why we need the Bandit when we could just have the M6 Magnum. To me there is no reason why the Bandit couldn’t just be a variant of the Commando, the VK78 Bandit. It is essentially a love child of the Commando and DMR anyways.

Yes how dare they actually create new stuff, they should keep regurgitating content over and over again Infinitely (trademarked)

I agree with your point that there are definitely more valid weapons to be brought back, but the Bandit will be a good addition, whether it be Ranked or BTB, it’ll be a fun weapon to use.

It will definitely add to the experience, however I don’t consider the Bandit really to be a “new weapon”.

The Bandit appears to be a love child of the DMR (which was originally introduced as a BR replacement in Halo Reach) and the VK78 Commando (which isn’t even properly implemented in the current sandbox IMO). I think they should be improving the Commando before adding a similar weapon which will infringe on it’s already undefined role.

Additionally, a version of the M6 Magnum has been in every single Halo game to date… the Magnum is a legacy weapon which could literally fill the role of the Bandit.

Athstetically speaking, the Magnum differentiates itself from the BR75 and the Commando as they are totally different classes of weaponry (sidearm vs tactical rifle) and the Magnum would have a smaller magazine than the Bandit which further seperates itself from the BR and makes it a more balanced default weapon IMO.

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Sounds completely different, functions pretty differently… By this logic Halo hasn’t a new weapon in like a decade I take it?

Bruh that thing would shred. Why exactly? As I stated, rifles are preferred over sidearms typically. Its why the BR/DMR are so popular.

Like I’ve been saying, this was meant as a potential replacement for the BR in competitive play. This is not done for any other meaningful reason.