Why the $%&* am i credit banned

I have no idea way I am credit banned. I do not afk I don’t boost. The thing that pisses my off about it is I cant get commendations. I really could care less about credits because I am an inheritor. They need to do something about the bans like a web page that explains there dumb rules.

I briefly went through your history, there’s a couple of DNF’s, but no AFKing, as far as I can see. Unless there is some AFKing further along (you seem to play a lot of FF), then I’d guess you were resetting challenges. I believe there is one today for killing a number of enemies in FF?

But then again, you are an Inheritor, so cR don’t matter. So, my best guess is that this might actually be a false positive. Try and contact a 343 employee, though try to be polite.

… Umm, you can still get commendations if you’re credit banned, you just don’t get the credits for it. Same way as you can get the daily/weekly challenges, you just don’t get the credits.

Probably something to do with your credit ban 2 months ago for boosting? Either way, post in the official thread for an answer.