Why take a Completely different road then MCC?

The Season passes and customizations of the MCC where golden why in the world would you go in the opposite direction 343i? Every player loved those options and the progressions and you’ve really made a likely fatal (to the game) mistake creating a watered down less customizable version for the brand new Halo release every old-school fan was waiting for. Why are armor pieces locked to 3 base armor sets and not completely interchangeable? Why remove the awesome ranking system that also progressed you’re season pass and showed players how much match making you’ve played? Is there going to be a career page where I can see all the medals I’ve earned? Are achievements going to unlock special nameplates/armor and such just as Master chief collection & Halo 3? The core gameplay is good but you’ve added systems that are going to take away from it all. I had to spend multiple matches instead of focusing of the objectives of the match focusing on getting kills with the pulse carbine(all of which never actually progressed my challenge) that is not fair to my team at all. You’ve made a big mistake here and I’m praying you do what’s right and listen to the people who give you their money and spend their time in your game. We’ve been playing this franchise for 20years please listen to us we care about this game so damn much!

-A grizzled halo vet who’s completed the MCC 100% and has 622/700 steam achievements with over 1400hrs played and that doesn’t include all the time on Xbox, xbox360, xbone.


The answer to pretty much all your questions is: money. They can make more money selling battle passes, custom skins for each armor, swaps for bad challenges, exp boost for slow progression, etc.


This. F2P=how can we suck as much money as possible from the player for arbitrary items.


Stupid. I paid 25$ for MCC, got all the armor (and free color, yes I’m looking at you monetization.) I wanted by free battlepasses (even better that you can individually select specific tiers buy buying 1 or more points!), they’re crushing almost everyone’s ambitions, and turning into little bite sized pieces…s l o w l y .

They won’t make more money if the player base dwindles to a low population. This is the least rewarding Battle pass progression system I’ve ever seen. Unless there is a timely fix (doesn’t seem likely), they won’t be getting money past season 1. The hype will provide the surge of people buying the first battle pass, but once they see it takes between 3 and 10 hours to get 1 battle pass level, they’ll abandon this game.

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