Why sudden DX12 error?

Why do I suddenly get a DirectX12 error on both my 960M and 1050ti? Why did I not get these errors before given I am feature levels 1-11? Missing Hardware Tiled Resources Tier 2? Did Escherum eat my drivers? I have 8gigs VRAM. First I’m offline while online- next thing I know, I can’t even run the game.

Why does a game that is graphically comparable to Halo Reach even need all of this? Isn’t Halo supposed to be safely low barrier, given its’ console launching history? Doesn’t Xbox One, the lower spec target - utilize a pretty low end GPU on its’ own?

nerd rage abounds

Infinite was fun while it lasted I suppose. I don’t even know anymore. I try not to be negative about it here - but I feel like this is the best place to be heard.

I’ve reg hacked, overclocked gpu’s, permission cracked and generally wrestled this title into functionality on decent, albeit a few years old, but decent hardware, on multiple machines.

Note: I don’t hack my core game I promise!

These weren’t issues (for me) during the flights. These weren’t issues for me until Season 2 dropped tbh ~ though I have seen friends fight with them.

Isn’t it kind of crappy that this title is only supported by like 70% of products from two name brand manufacturers?

I’m an NVIDIA guy, and honestly ~ if NVIDIA is what the PC release targeted, I dare not imagine what the Intel and AMD peeps must be going through.

Can we get some optimization up in here? How many transistor states is one wort worth?