Why Sprint is in Infinite

I’m sure we all know about the division in the community about whether Halo should be classic or modern, basically sprint or no sprint. We know 343 is going to have a hard decision about this and they know that they can’t please everyone at once. 343 will do what anyone would do, and that is please the majority. I have looked at a few polls from this website to see who exactly is the “majority”. This probably isn’t accurate since most of the Halo community doesn’t visit the forums.

Poll 1

Poll 2

Poll 3

Poll 4

Poll 5

If you have looked at all the links you can see that keeping sprint is in the majority. That is why I think sprint will be in Infinite. I think it is pointless at this point to continue arguing about it at this point, just let what happens, happen. 343 will obviously do the best they can to please everyone so you can’t blame them. If for some reason you are mad at them just think, what would you do if you were in their shoes? Let me tell you, making a decision like that isn’t easy.

Feel free to use the sprint thread linked below