Why so many morons on Multiplayer?

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i brought Halo Reach to fill the hype before Halo 5. People are the most selfish tards on multiplayer… Team mates will betray you if you pick up a power weapon? This has happend to me countless times :confused: People will quit a game early so its constantly uneven teams. A whole lot of other bs happens and it should not. I got a triple kill with the energy sword and my whole team goes to betray me and kill me for it. Grow the -Yoink- up and play properly or dont play at all.

I feel your frustration. In my experience, bad teammates have plagued every Halo game, but now there are more than ever before. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is how the game decides Were to put these guys. In every game, they pair up bad players with players who are at least above average and consider it a balanced team. I can’t count the number of times that I had some -Yoink- kill me for a power weapon, or went AFK the whole match, or how many games have ended where I had 15 to 25 kills and all my teammates had only 5 or less.

At least they get booted if they do it too often. There’s always 2-3 people who get kicked when I play

It seems some of the reason why this happens is that Halo: Reach is a five year old game, combined with the fact that Microsoft gave it out for free for a month. Also, Halo Reach can be bought as cheaply as $4-$20 USD from Amazon. Just about anybody can get the game now, so a lot of younger, more inexperienced players are getting into the game to replace the experienced players who have either migrated to other Halo games or moved away from Halo altogether.

Alot of the younger players tend to feel entitled to the power weapons(Some even rely solely on them to get kills) and feel that betraying is justified if a teammate reaches it before them, when in reality they’re just being sore about it and responding with unsporting conduct. Some of the younger players also think they can justify boosting cR and commedations or AFCing/AFKing which in reality they can’t and usually end up in the “Why Did I Get Banned?” Thread, saying they did nothing wrong.

I don’t mean to be rude to the younger players, but there was a reason why Reach was rated M for Mature.

I was happy with one game in the past where two young children were on my team and trying to betray me for taking the shotgun, saying I took their shotgun and to give it to them. The opposing team caught onto these two being unsporting and didn’t kill my friend or I in the match, they only went after those two for being unsporting to us. We caught on, so we would lure them out to the center of the map, while they’re shooting and follow us saying in the mic that they want their shotgun back. The opposing team would wait for my friend and I to pass by and would keep sniping those two kids. Rise and repeat, my friend and I did not go after the opposing team at all once they started doing this as a form of respect for them understanding. One of the best matches in reach that I lost. It’s nice when the opposing team understands that you have unsporting players on your team and just aims for them to make a point.

Edit: It also doesn’t help that the betrayel system tends to cater to the younger players, where they can betray you first no problem and you don’t get the boot option, but the second you do it to them in turn, even if it was an accident, they seem to get the boot option and boot you from the game.

> Why are there so many morons on multiplayer?

Because there are so many morons in real life, and they tend to play video games like the rest of us.

Also , the matchmaking does an additive base system of teaming people up, instead of skill-based matching in the fiorst place. Skill plays zero part in putting people in the same game, instead, it teams people up to be as ‘evenly’ matched as possible.

Say, I had 6 people join in, with skill levels of 3, 9, 6, 4, 6, and 2. The teams would be 9, 4, 2, and 6, 6, 3, each team forming a collective 15 skill (pretty much why I don’t really believe in power of the collective all that much). As opposed to matching people up with similar skills in the first place, so the people that joined would be in a 4-6 skillset.

While this example mainly dealt with player skill and not character, your unsportsmanlike morons tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum anyway. I’m more average player, so I don’t see this as much on my teams as, say, a pro.

Most likely because the game is really cheap right now so people new to halo are just trying it out for the first time