Why so many firefight challenges?

The main gametype for most games now is the multiplayer, slayer and all that, so why has bungie/343 (Now) decided to constantly put firefight matchmaking challenges up. In fact, two weekly challenges were the same challenge for firefight matchmaking in a row. I checked, 10 minutes ago how many people are actually playing firefight matchmaking. My result was 11.03%. That gives that little amount of people so many daily and weekly challenges to complete.

In the past 10 weeks, around 8 weekly challenges have been firefight matchmaking (I can’t even remember any multiplayer challenges). I know nobody who likes reach’s firefight and I hate it aswel because of the maps and it isn’t scary or a fight for survival. It should be fun.

So many more daily challenges are firefight matchmaking than multiplayer or campaign in the last 5 months. In fact there has been noticeably more firefight matchamaking daily and weekly challenges than normal matchmaking and campaign put together!

Why is this?
It doesn’t make any sense to me?

They do it because multiplayer is so popular. They want people to play their other gametypes as well.

At this point in time it is safe to assume that the challenges are run by an automatic program that resets them. This doesn’t mean someone can’t go in manually and make certain challenges as we saw this to be true during our LASO challenges.

I hope they totally revamp the entire Challenge system. I think it is getting a little stale but that’s just me.

It’s Thursday.

my best Halo friend doesn’t even play reach anymore because of the challenges. He says that Reach broke his heart.

I find that a little silly to quit playing a game because of some challenges. Games are for the gameplay. Not the -Yoink!- bits you get as well.

You get more Credit in Firefight. They only show you how to rank up fast. Without skills involved, not like if they needed skill before in past Halo (TrueSkill/Ranked playlist not included) :wink:

> my best Halo friend doesn’t even play reach anymore because of the challenges. He says that Reach broke his heart.

There were no challenges in previous halo games.

Thursdays are usually Firefight days when it comes to challenges.

As for the weekly challenge, that’s probably a mistake. Even I get tired of FF weekly’s. And I like Firefight.

ITT: People qqing over a computer’s choices in challenges.