Why so little Arena maps?

Anyone know why 343 said, ‘OK EVERYONE WE WILL HAVE 20 ARENA MAPS’ and then divy all 20 maps up for the controversial few playlists they set up?
I swear last week they had 5 maps going around in the slayer rotation.


What about all the other arena maps you guys made?? Why the hell did 343 divide up the arena maps in the first place??? Can we expect them to add more of the 20 total designated arena maps into the arena playlist?? If someone could give me a proper explanation that would be great.

Thanks guys

they will bring them out in map packs wish they just gave us a lot of maps to start and forge maps non

They did the same thing in halo 4

Haven, Abandon, adrift, and maybe one or two more if you were lucky that month.

I opened forge a year after H4 came out and found maps that I never knew existed.

I wish they would just dump the story and make it non cannon and just turn this into Halo 5:Multiplayer where you and a bunch of Spartan IVs fly around the galaxy killing -Yoink-.

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> they will bring them out in map packs wish they just gave us a lot of maps to start and forge maps non

I just don’t see why they can’t use all 20 Arena maps in Slayer. It’s like building yourself a house and then only living in one room for the rest of your life. They aren’t using what the created to its full purpose. By far the most frequent complaint I have heard is how little maps there are.

Even in Warzone!! 343 you guys said there would be 6 MAPS, there’s 3!!

You cannot just change the sky and lighting on a map and call it a whole new map! That’s the cheapest thing I have ever heard. Idk if it’s just me but some of these things are really disappointing and it’s obvious where 343 cut corners and ‘false advertised’ their game, (especially campaign) to get more sales.

Definitely not enough maps.

21 maps at launch was a sham. They include the 3 warzone assault maps in that 21 and they are the same gd maps as regular warzone.

The maps will come as they release more updates and DLCs. Plus, big arena maps will not be very suitable for playlists like Slayer, Breakout or Free-for-all.