Why so insistent on only 12 playlists in MCC?

It has been said that 343 settled on 10-12 playlists being this “magic number” for their games. The problem is that MCC isn’t one game, it’s 4 games. If it were treated as 4 games, the community would get so much more enjoyment out of it. My suggestion would be to have more than one game-specific playlist per title. Hell, we already have 2 H2C playlists and 2 H2A playlists. Why not give each title its own BTB playlist? Give each title a 4v4 playlist and an 8v8 playlist. If the scoring worked, I’d suggest an FFA playlist for each title as well, but when it only counts 1st place as a win, ranks could never work. If there truly must be some cross-game playlists, then throw a few of those in there too.

I get that the playerbase has declined after the botched launch and the time it has taken to get the game working. That playerbase is hurt even further by how difficult and frustrating it is to get the title you want to play, letalone the gametype/map/etc for certain styles of play. Like playing BTB in one particular game? Well, best of luck to you in that. Even if the one you are hoping for gets picked, it’s likely that half the players will quit out because it’s not the one THEY wanted to play.

10-12 playlists would be fine for a single game’s worth of content. There is just too much in MCC to limit the choices like that. It drives players away. It’s certainly cut down on my incentive to play very often.