Why should we wait any longer?

We had to be patient after Halo 2 launched for it to get better, they fixed the game but it was not perfect.
We had to be patient for Halo 3 to get improvements made to it, it never happened.
We had to be patient for Halo Reach to lose the bloom and return to being “Halo”, it happened too little too late.

Now with Halo 4 they told us they listened, they told us they had the competitive community in mind and that they were going back to the “old style” of Halo with their game. They lied and what we received is a game that tried to just take things from other shooters and slap it onto a “Halo” game thinking that it will just cause success.

They made 6/10 launch maps have vehicles on it, and only 2 maps out of the box that can even be considered small.
They said they would listen to the community, when have you ever seen them respond on the HWP forums? Or even make a change that the community wanted.
They try to force their ideas of their game upon us all, casuals and hardcore players, and guess what? Neither groups are satisfied. They removed the ability to drop the flag and the ability to remove sprint along with making it near impossible to cause static weapon spawns. They think this is a generic FPS where it is no longer about skill and balance and more about progress and making it easy for everyone to win, for example, Personal Ordnance

They are releasing a map pack that they claim has small maps, but is in fact clearly made for Big Team Battle before they even fix a majority of the problems people have been complaining about.

They turned their backs on the community to try and run the show to their own distorted view and feel like they’re doing a good job.

So you tell me, why should we wait anymore for changes that just aren’t happening? Why should we hold on to this broken series any longer?

Because it’s fine the way it is and so we can play it and enjoy it until they are able to make the changes.

If you don’t enjoy it anymore, leave. Speak with your wallet instead of trying to start a revolution.

Now your just hating on Halo as a whole. Tell you what, you don’t have to wait anymore. There’s the sign out button.

They used to talk on this forum. But there were some pretty crazy whiners on here who openly attacked these people and they most likely came to the conclusion that there’s no point in talking on here, just reading. Also, they made many changes the community wanted. Nerfing pro-vision. Nerfing Carbine. Balancing sprint. A skill-based ranking system. Those were all things people complained about a lot during the making of the game and 343 done all those things.

“Why wait any longer?”

You do not have to wait any longer, for anything.

You answered your own question. If you don’t want to wait for updates, you can leave.

If you want to see the updates, then yes, wait.

OP, if feel like you’re very much underestimating the stresses and challenges of making a game as big as Halo 4. Just try to have a little more empathy before you whine. 343 has done a lot and continuing to do so.

Whatever happened to playing a game for the game? You know, learning a game’s idiosyncrasies and how it plays? Some people may not like it but that doesn’t mean the developers should change it just for them. Developers work their -Yoinks!- off to produce games. Nowadays people think they’re entitled to have a game built just the way they want it. They don’t want to learn it, put effort into becoming skilled at it, or gain knowledge about it. The only thing many players want to do is mindlessly control an avatar–yes, in recent years CoD is a great example–it’s quite sad really.

So yes, the community should wait. They aren’t entitled.