Why should 343 make a "Halo 2 Aniversary"

It will be my goal to answer this question to the best of my abilities. Let this topic serve as a reason why 343 industries should have made a Halo 2 Anniversary if they aren’t going to.

Please note: I’m speaking to 343 Industries primarily in this topic, but feel free to comment why you think it should’ve came into production.

The much loved halo 2 has the reputation that it holds for many great reasons.

  1. Fantastic upgrade to the lore of Halo.
  2. Fantastic multiplayer (better than every other game in my opinion).
  3. A well developed Campaign
  4. Being the reason why Halo went beyond Halo Combat Evolved (there would not be a Reach, Wars, 3, ODST, or 4 without Halo 2).
  5. So many happy memories

Everything I have listed is something 343 industries should consider when it comes to the reputation of the game, but now allow me to explain the most major reason for having it.

I do not mean to be rude to your 343 industries, but you lost a lot more Halo fans than you’ve gained from Halo 4. That’s a basic fact. Halo 4 was a good game in my opinion, but there were just things about it that did not feel right. It’s quite often that a person will say "halo 4 was a great game, but not a great Halo game.

Well, why am I telling what you already know? The reason is that Halo 4 did not feel Halo to me, and what feels more Halo than Halo 2? Think about the loads of people that would return to the community and give 343 industries another chance if they created a Halo 2 Anniversary. I believe that could regain some, if not more than the people lost after Halo 4 was released.

Even if your the most heartless person in the world, there is no way you can’t think about all of that cash. I’m not saying that you are heartless, but I’m just saying this in case you weren’t convinced by the good cause the game would’ve been.

Also, after seeing and playing Halo 4, a Halo 2 anniversary (with a rumored Halo 5/Xbox One beta) would be perfect for making the next Halo game perfect.

I’d lastly like to leave you with something that may make some of you cry. Halo 2 was my very first game that I have played, and it has changed me in a positive way. If Halo 5 or whatever you want to call does not feel like Halo I’m planning on dropping the community because that was my second chance for 343 industries. However, regardless of the quality of the game, a Halo 2 Anniversary make keep me around. Why?

This is because the original community (like myself) did not play Halo because we knew we’d see something new and different things every game (in multiple aspects), but we played because it had a theme that it stuck with at the time. We don’t care much about what the “next big thing” is, we just care about the “old days” from anniversaries or future ones that feel like what we’ve already experienced.

One thing I liked about Halo was that you could jump into another one fine. I like seeing thing mix it up but still have a zero killstreak, zero classes experience. Also bring back dual wielding pls. I like having little gimicks like equipment that change up the battlefield but I miss the days without sprint, classes, and killstreaks.

I do as well, my friend.

I do as well…