Why right now is Halo 5s most crucial timeframe.

According to the monthly streams, 343 has had a month to build an update for the game. This limited feedback and other things. Now about the title, 343 has now showed us the plan. All updates being worked on at the same time. Kinda like LotR. And with the recent openness of community feedback, we have the power to add so much to Halo. This is possible due to the large window of time the updates are being produced. Do you want more nonhuman maps,New Vehicles,Fan Favorites, nostalgia weapons, and returning gametypes?!. WELL NOWS THE TIME SPARTANS! Makeep respectable threads and get social media coverage on it. Try to get 343Is attention and it may be added in the next update. I’m personally gonna hype up my hunger for Covenant/Brute maps. WE CAN HELP OUR GAME BE THE GHOAT. LET IT BE HEARD, WE CAN HELP!