Why remove social slayer!?!?!

Just spent a week playing joint ops i mean its great fun and a stellar objective game mode don’t get me wrong but i strongly reccomend keeping social slayer or social big team, one or the other at all times. Besides custom games and with no browser yet its the only playlist where you can just have pure fun. Think it was a big mistake removing it and know me and my friends are a lot less interested in playing this week with it gone. Back to MCC i guess


With how “competitve” each match of Infinite feels, it was nice to have a playlist where you could just relax and have a genuine good time, with it’s removal I see no reason to return until the custom games browser is added

I just want to have fun.


I totally agree. This game mode was the most fun I’ve had on this game. Hope they bring it back as a permanent addition.

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