Why red spartans fight blue spartans

This is all an idea it is not confirmed by 343.

Now I’ve been thinking when Frankie said they wanted to tie the Halo novels into the game I thought would they tie in Doctor Halsey and Kelly and the Spartan 3’s in Glass lands?

Now as we all know if you read the book “Ghost of Onyx” that before Doctor Halsey got teleported to the Dyson Sphere she screwed over ONI and messed with a lot of there files such as deleting one of there advanced A.I.s downloading top secret files and hacking into things she’s not suppose to. What if Blue team (Blue Spartans) and Halsey were found on the Dyson Sphere by ONI? Then we know ONI still has Spartans, they made the Spartan IV’s. These are the Red Spartans sent to capture Halsey and take out anyone with her even if it’s another spartan, And Blue team would do anything to keep her safe.

This would be ONI’s pay-back for messing Halsey messing with them.

This is all an idea please reply!

(Frankie-“Oh no! he figured us out! delete the files! get to the choppa!!!”)

This would be ONI’s pay-back since Halsey messed with them.

My bad sentence error.

maybe nice twist if that is the story of the battles. I still want them to tie the other spartans into the trilogy somehow

Sir, I strongly recommend you read Halo: Glasslands.

…nice interpetation…i think the same…

You may be on the right track. Sort of.

It can only be one of two things.

either A: the red Spartans vs blue Spartans is combat training which would explain why they would be playing capture the flag instead of just killing each other. This would also explain why there are Respawns since it is just a training simulation.


B: it is one faction of “good” spartans pitted against another faction of “Bad Spartans”.

Personally I tend to think it is scenario A because it is the only plausible one that explains why there are competitive games with non military goals ( IE capturing a flag ) and how Re-spawns exist.

Think of it is being something like the war training in the novel ENDERS GAME.

RED Hates Blue !!!

Blue: Capitalists Red: Communists. Nah jk, I like both the ideas of fractions and simulations because they make sense. Maybe its a test by the UNSC to see the fittest spartans, and through “tests,” the weak would die and the strong will advance. I don’t know but it sounds cool