Why Reach Is Great


Its pretty late and I’m capping off one of my vacation days with some good old Halo: Reach. It’s 11:30 as I type this and am pleased to say that there are 15,473 players online–this game is far from dead–and for good reason.

Moments ago I played a slayer match on Pinnicle, featuring myself (forerunner) and various reclamers and inheritors. My team won by ten but it was one of the greatest games I had partaken in.

I watched the game in the theatet right after, admiring the game from different POVs. It got me thinking: what makes this game so great?

  1. The competant and challenging competition
  2. The crisp, satisfying assassinations
  3. Jeff Steitzer’s voice and his awesome-sounding medals
  4. The variety of maps and gametypes
  5. The DMR - a crisp weapon with great range
  6. Beautiful armor
  7. Endless ranks
  8. Firefight
  9. Forge world and community maps
  10. Commendations and service record
  11. Great graphics for 2010
  12. File browser and file share
  13. Much, much, more…

This game is very nostalgic for me and was my first Xbox Live multiplayer experience. This game exceeds gaming expectations on so many levels and is a true gem in the gaming world. So happy to hear that Reach will be on the XB1 come fall and will live on for years to come.

Thank you, Bungie, for creating such a great last game.

Thank you to all of the Halo fans that continue to make this game so great without Bungie and in spite of 343.

I ask you guys to share why Reach is one of your favorite games too.

I’ve played Reach for a long time, since day one, and I’m still playing it from time to time. I’ve met a lot of awesome people and have had a ton of great and exciting games. Reach is a great game but the biggest reason why I still play today is because I’m trying to get the haunted skull effect for when you reach Inheritor rank. So far I’m a reclaimer, hopefully I’ll reach Inheritor one day. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed reach but probabaly was my least favorite halo. I loved the armor a lot and invasion.

Reach is such a beautiful game, I played it after release but never got gold until July of the next year, I play the hell out of Reach, I still play daily, it’s the perfect Halo experience for me.

Honestly, the only thing i did not like about reach is the ranking system: only based on how much you play the game and therefore it takes a long time to rank up when reaching the higher ranks any higher than Field Marshall and that means when you first reach at least Field Marshall (the current rank on my alt profile), it takes much more to rank up that forces you to play nonstop for months to pull the entire thing off on progress to Inheritor. For now, i usually don’t care about ranking up, only purchasing the rest of the pieces from the armory.

A Through to H.

I like Reach’s Big team and messing around in that the most

the driving is nice and its just a fun game to relax and mess around in

Realmente para mi Reach se volvió mi Juego Favorito, A pesar de que falla sus servidores ciertas veces, ay Jugadores que Hackean o traen ainbot,
& los jugadores son muy ofensivos…
Reach Para mi siempre sera el mejor juego, Con una historia muy buena, Un Multijugador Increíble, Gráficos Demasiado buenos, y una forma de entretenimiento y diversión Impresionante.
En si Halo: Reach Lo considero uno de los mejores juegos:)
No se ustedes, pero para mi siempre sera mi favorito.

Reach really for me became my favorite game, despite failing its servers certain times, to and Players who hacked or bring ainbot,
& Players are very offensive …
Reach For me will always be the best game, with a very good story, A Multiplayer Incredible Graphics Too good, and a form of entertainment and fun Stunning.
Whether Halo: Reach I consider it one of the best games :slight_smile:
I do not know, but for me will always be my favorite.

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> Reach is such a beautiful game, I played it after release but never got gold until July of the next year, I play the hell out of Reach, I still play daily, it’s the perfect Halo experience for me.

i quite agreee i also play daily and it is a great halo experience. first one to introduce somthing where you can run faster than the average jog. correct me if i am wrong. also first halo to incorperate assasinations. and it is also a greatly made game. (cant wait for it to be remade on the xbox one).

> 2535429758740036;6:
> A Through to H.
> :wink:


I try to play Reach but no one will play with me. They just spend the whole match curled up in little blue balls for some reason. I try to play Halo with them, but every time I shoot at them, they just glitch out and get all shiny and sparky. Maybe it’s a glitch. But it’s only when I shoot at them. It’s like they’re trying to hide or something … like they’re scared or cowardly. Why can’t they play Halo? What are they doing in those little blue balls? Crying? Texting their friends? Why won’t they just play Halo with me and stop hiding?


I like Reach, but seriously, I just played a match against a dude who used that Armor Lock more than his gun. It gets old quick.

EDIT: I forgot to vote. It’s probably the campaign, but Forge World and all the community maps were amazing, so I’m voting for that.

I love everything Halo: Reach.