why punish custom challenges ?

why is it that waypoint allows you to customise challenges, potentionally every three hours, bearing in mind you can get credit banned for accrueing the credit limit? what is the credit limit? there is no warning… I am angry because after just completed reach on legendary alone i made allot of credits, later that day i get friends invite to custom challenges…we bash them out because we are allowed too… but seriously my point is why are we allowed to obtain credits this way if at the end we are going to get punished /credit banned for days… i dont know how long im banned 4 it has been 3 days now & still banned wats the point of adding this feature on waypoint…

If you reach the daily cR cap, which is now 200,000 credits, you should only be prevented from earning credits for the rest of that day. Unfortunately, if you reach this cap while using custom challenges as of now ( since custom challenges now pay out as soon as you turn them in, instead of when the time limit expired, like they used to ) you will not get a message in the game telling you that you can no longer earn credits for that day, the counter will just stop going up after every game.

However, reach the cap while playing matchmaking ( Example : You use custom challenges to get 195,000 credits, then play matchmaking for the last 5,000 ) you WILL still get a message.

If you have been getting a message that says “This console has been temp. banned from earning credits”, then that ban is due to something other then the use of custom challenges, since there literally is no way to get banned just using the challenges as they are now. You can’t use them to pass the cap any more, and even when you could, you did’t/won’t get banned for it.

You cannot and will not be banned for hitting the credit limit multiple days in a row, or even for a single day.

And welcome to Waypoint.

To add on to Wulfwoods, last weekend I believe, the banhammer falsely banned those using the Custom Challenges with ONI Sword Base’s Target Locator, 343 eventually unbanned all those affected by the end on Monday.