Why play warzone anymore?

When the Achillies armour came out warzone went crazy as most know. Suddenly many teams (not the really good ones) were farming spawn killing, not takig out the core against the team directive and worst of all, massively killing team mates and stealing kill on a scale I havent seen in any game before. We lost thousands of casual merc and random players. So my good friends and also 343i, why should anyone want to subject theselves to that? I t is not fun for most all, even some teams, so 343 why should I play with this kind of thing? 343i there are to many other games out there and I love Halo and am darn good, but it is no longer fun, so why should we play? This is an honest sincere question because I do love Halo, but again, why even bother playing as a mercenary?