Why Pistol Start Sucks

lol, actually AR Pistol start is perfect. Just needed some A1 clickbait to get my voice heard. Fundamentally Halo works best at it’s core when parties can only match other equal parties. It’s annoying playing by yourself in Arena and getting matched with players who don’t have mics while being matched against a team of 4 with mics. Not to mention even if everyone has mics, your teamwork probably won’t be up to par with the others teams teamwork so the chances of winning are slim.

With the next update it would be nice to see:

1’s being able to match with other 1’s, 2’s and even with a group of 3.

2’s matching other 2’s as well as singles running by themselves.

3’s matching other 3’s and matching with one single.

And parties of 4 matching ONLY other parties of 4.

Would make games much more competitive.

Clickbait titles aren’t cool, yo.