Why People Shouldn't Be Mad At 343i For No Falcon

Why People Shouldn’t Be Mad At 343i For Not Including The Falcon

1st off it’s not 343i’s fault for not including the Falcon, I mean I wanted the Falcon but it’s not their fault for not including it in this update.

2nd off I just want to say that people need to learn to stop taking what Youtubers say as fact, they just speculate. Honestly if someone is responsible for the tears we have right now it should be the community. STOP making up rumors.

It’s our fault for believing the falcon -Yoink- was 100% confirmed. It’s like those guys who say “INFECTION IS COMING IN THE NEXT UPDATE” yet there was no new game modes in the previous update. Honestly people should put a disclaimer saying this is not 100% confirmed, and quit trying to make it seem like it might happen.

“I think that O.N.I card will be a falcon because it’s a warzone req, and also it’s a Reach themed update, why wouldn’t they add the falcon in?”
Honestly just because there is things that make this a likely thing doesn’t mean that is fact.

I know I sound like a broken record here but people need to quit saying they “confirmed” -Yoink- they haven’t even said. Otherwise people get disappointed like today, I think everyone was excited to hop on a turret of the falcon, and everyone cried when they saw the entire preview.

This is what happened with infection, every, single, update. “OHSH THEY MIGHT ADD IN INFECTION” they don’t, people get disappointed.

To stop disappointing yourself, and the community stop treating rumors and speculations as facts, until 343i proves that it is 100% confirmed don’t say it might come in.

343 could be honest instead of stringing hype along when they know something is popular and much demanded. Why else would they put an ONI logo on the Phaeton card if not to generate more buzz? I don’t care about the Falcon not coming back since I never expected it to come back in the first place, but it’s still a wasted opportunity.

No you should be angry, they deliberately created false hype, they could of done so much with this update, but once again they -Yoink!- up as usual.

I don’t think you understand, First of all the hyped this REQ by putting an ONI logo in it, Second of all I would probably stat playing this game again if the Falcon was in it but I guess they are not smart enough to think that a lot of people would be happy for it.

I don’t care about Infection and people who love Infection could be playing anything else.