Why people on this forum are little crybabys

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Halo 4 is soo bad. 343 you are a fail. What a bad game this is. This is all i here and im sick of it. You come on the forum to complain about a great game and you don’t realize how good of a game this is. The only down side to this game is the constant playlist change and how there isn’t much playlist such as king of the hill or oddball as there own playlist that would make the game more fun. And take the dmr out or lower the damage thats what killed halo because its 4 shot kill and its a long range gun thats why i love the br because its fair with the carbine those 2 guns are even. The campaign was soo good and the SO was great too. Look 343 could have wait for the release and had everything done but since black ops 2 was right around the corner they wanted to release it for business reasons i don’t even mind if it was an unfinished game. Everybody now a days expects perfection and the best quality. This game is definetely good but not the best but for there first game it sure as hell is a great one


I’m sorry you’re chastising other forum goers for poor behavior and complaining and about three sentences in you’ve basically cried about the same missing game types that have been cried about by the same forum members your berating.

This just look like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

Calling everyone around you a “crybaby” doesn’t usually lead to a constructive discussion.

Locked. :\