Why penalize for playing the game?

Halo infinite multiplayer penalizes players for playing.

I know I know, “what is this nonsense you speak of?”

First round you play you get 300 XP, second round 200XP, third is 100XP and then from that point on you get 50XP for playing…

Why? Why not have it be the first 5 rounds are 50XP followed by the next 10 rounds be 100XP and so on? This would reward players for playing and make you want to continue to play beyond 3-4 rounds.

I can see how logically this could burn out the XP season pass progression rapidly for some players, so to solve this issue need more than 1,000 XP per tier, like the first ten need 1,000 followed by a steady XP requirement increase up to say 20,000 XP for the final tier.

This would make the game more interesting, and could offer more cosmetic “challenges” that DO NOT INCLUDE COLOR! All colors should be unlocked except for very specific special color coatings from events and such. This would give more room for armor pieces and other upgrades…