Why pay for dlc when it's free?

Assuming a game developer is always providing their best work. 343 has decided to give us free DLC in halo5. After almost a year since release, I feel this game is becoming a complete game with all the free dlc. As Halo5 was released in an unfinished state or released with minimum/lacking content; why would we want to pay for DLC in order to get a completed game? I do understand that some people may think 343 is holding back; and they also believe 343 has the capability to produce mind blowing DLC that haven’t been issued yet as free. Although wishful thinking, I find it hard to automatically assume 343 has the capability to produce something better than what they are producing currently. why? Because I expect developers to give 100% in creative quality content at the point when I spend full price for a video game. Remember folks, the reason for buying DLC is because the game was Downgraded & Lacking Content.

Maybe it is Maybe its not. But 343 are busy making them release unfinished game.

MICROTRANSACTIONS. The DLC isn’t free in reality, it’s just an illusion that it is. People are packing for packs, even if you and i aren’t. Think of all the people that even buy just one pack during the free trial. Enough numbers and it all adds up. Also if halo 5 did paid DLC, it population would be fractured and considerably smaller. I for one would still not be playing, if people don’t have people to play with then they also leave.

Some think paid dlc means better dlc but that isn’t always the case imo… also that H5 shipped without features that past Halo games had some seem to think those shouldn’t count as dlc.