Why on earth did I just get banned?

I was playing in a Free-For-All match. Everything was going normal up until the end. At first I thought the game simply ended from some guy winning since he was at 24 kills, but instead there no victory pose, I’m put back to the menu and greeted with a message saying “The Banhammer Strikes”?? What on earth did I do to get this? As far as I know I’ve done nothing to deserve one. Literally came out of nowhere. Thankfully it was only a 2 minute ban, but I really don’t like how it was just slapped on me for seemingly nothing and I’m worried by simply playing I’ll get more of these and they might not be so small in length. What should I do about it? Anything? CAN I do anything about it?? I love this game, but after this I’m afraid of eventually being locked out permanently or something. However if I DID do something I want to know what it was so I can avoid it in the future. I just sincerely don’t think I did.

Side note: I went back to look at the film of the match, and it looks like he did actually win right when I was kicked. But the film has the last couple seconds of the match that I missed, victory pose and all. Now I’m even more confused :confused:

Restart your internet and make sure everythings working perfect on your end. Not much else you can do

It seems there might be some bugs with it. It should be good in a few days or a week

same i just got banned for no reason wtf is that all about?


i got a two hour ban from accidentally betraying a guy in swat. i find it funny how when i left we were winning 40-30 and when i looked at my game history my team lost. i guess they needed my multikill headshot superpowers (i suck but at platinum 1 level i don’t care tbh.)

Yeah, the ban system is all sorts of broken.

Well that just sucks. The game seems to be full of teabaggers, and I even heard one guy launch into a very angry tirade of racial abuse and ‘suicide encouragement’, yet you apparently did nothing wrong yet got banned. Unless you are a filthy teabagger…?

That just happened to me when I was playing free for all. Clearly I didn’t betray anyone. I didn’t do anything wrong either, I didn’t get first either.

I blame the waypoint moderators.

That’s weird, I like to go on killing sprees against my own team and I never get banned. lol

It’s like Person of Interest. The system knows you will break the rules in the future, and bans you now.