Why not turn Flood in Infection mode?

I was just wondering how awesome it would be now (with the Flood NEVER appearing in another Halo title again), to be transformed into a Flood spawn once infected in the Infection game mode.

It’s not an issue 343 has to take itself too seriously; for me personally, Infection is just a break from competitive play… it would also be an addition (something never done in a Halo title before) and a great opportunity to keep some aspect of the Flood in the new trilogy.

…this ofcourse is assuming the Infection game mode will be making a return in Halo 4 (WHICH IT BETTER).

Potentially, as long as it doesn’t really change how the mode is played that could be cool

Yea they should let u turn into a flood spawn it would be awesome!

I doubt that would happen. The Flood aren’t set to appear in halo 4. And even if it were implemented, it may only work for Elite characters, as there is no problem with exposing Flood growths on Elites because we can practically see their skin. SPARTANS on the other hand are concealed by their armour to leave its appearance to the player’s imagination; having infected SPARTANS would ruin that because you would likely have to show the SPARTAN’s face along with other tissue.

I think it would be a great gimmick.

Considering how unique Infection is from the other game types already - in that it’s dimension is already too gimmicky with the survival aspects and “zombies” jumping 20ft in the air with fully suited armor… They could always come up with a new model; just look at the Brutes in Halo 3.

Well haven’t we seen Spartans infected by the Flood. The Flood could rip off a Spartan’s helmet and armor to infect them.