why not this weekend 343?

Monday start of forge test nobody gives a -Yoink- about spartan ops.
i just dont understand why we couldnt had the forge maps this weekend. thats another weekend that i dont wanna play this game and people leaving this game! if u dont wanna make me angry with updates 343 dont worry THATS not the problem u can give updates everyday. nobody cares about that. Just give us something man!!!

Patience is a Virtue.

For the record, i think many players are pumped up for Spartan Ops. I know i am.

I ama huge Spartan Opts fan like many others. As for starting on Monday i really dont see the problem with this.

I’m actually going to take a break with my thesis to play through the new episode of Spartan Ops, I might touch the Forge test, but the chances are small.

If it wasn’t for the new SpOps, I wouldn’t take a break.

Sheesh, players are never happy… Bungie would only do playlist updates every month rather than every week like 343 Industries… But now it seems that weekly updates aren’t enough, we now need to get daily updates? Honestly, be patient, the update is two days away, I’m sure you can wait a bit!

As for nobody caring about Spartan Ops, I myself am very excited for episodes 6-10, they look quite amazing and seem like they will use the whole potential of what Spartan Ops has to offer!

The Spartan Ops Cinematics are the best part about Spops imo.