Why not season 1 store loot, instead of repeats?

If the weekly store has to repeat items.
And you already have them…

It should re roll into a season 1 store item/ bundle.

I thought there wasn’t supposed to be FOMO…


Would be nice lol… People would probably still complain, but what’s new lol.


Imagine having to “feign consistent income” by having a shop that refreshes every Tuesday.
Imagine having every and all items that exist for Halo Infinite available for purchase as single units.

Some Halo devs are all about the money and I would buy all the items I wanted for cosmetics on day one of a shop showing me all the options available in game if the price was right… and I am sure others would do the same.

That would be a massive cashflow influx before you leave Halo Infinite.

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Ironically, they’re trying to create the FOMO that they swear they don’t want in the game. They want players checking the store every week thinking dang I better make sure to grab this right now in season 2 while I still have a chance and before it goes away.


I think it’s more about creating projected income forecasts (i.e. not just random purchases) and even internally making sure some creators get artificially created preferential treatment over others. Whoever was put in charge of designing the cat ears, for example, was given an artistic brief that could not fail as opposed to other cosmetics.

Probably to maintain a sense of timed exclusivity for S1 content, so when they do inevitably bring it back it has more “value”, based on its “scarcity”. I can just see Firefall coming back sometime in S4 or something in a weekly bundle advertised as “Back From the Season 1 Vault – For a Limited Time Only!!!”

It’s gross, transparent, and indisputably is weaponized FOMO on 343’s part, whatever they say or think about it.


There’s only value added if we could trade cosmetics between different accounts.

Optimising and utilising the Steam Marketplace anyone? I’m sure some of the 500 million budget could go into buying into the marketplace…

I think it’s pretty much the same thing when you see anything that’s limited time only in life. They’re trying to tap into the fear part of people that if they don’t jump on the chance right then they’ll miss out on something.

Based on what you said, I think you also want a catalog. Something where all the armor is dumped (and potentially marked up) after they first appear in the shop. If the item appears again, it will have the same discount as it first did.

I think Microsoft has some kind of rule against this. That’s why cars in Forza can no longer be gifted directly to other players.

You’re right; In Forza, the feature to gift a car to a certain player was removed because people were paying money on sites to receive the cars which violates one of Microsoft’s policies; looks like they don’t want the same thing happening in Halo either.

They might add the feature back in the future, although it’s unlikely they will :frowning:

That’s probably for the best, but if it was handled by Steam’s existing systems, there would be no conflict (but exploit potential and “bad pr” if something happened because of a Halo Infinite cosmetic market incident).