Why not let the fans make the alien armor? MP

There is a lot of concepts and fan renders already out there. For a lot of the playable creatures like elite, brute, jackal and it’s cousin, and grunts. Even the H5 promethean soldiers aren’t a bad idea!

Look no one is arguing that halos UI and matchmaking issues don’t take the most immediate priority. But eventually that will settle, and custom games browser it’s going to get crazy if forge is all that.

So with social modes why not have these creatures be designed by the community. You can even have a separate shop page for the designs created by the community.

But it can go further than that. There are community members in sure who are willing to work on the Shelton’s and play test the models to make sure they function. What I’m basically saying is, let us do it. Let us help make this halo better.

There has been a long standing call to play as more then just elites, we would like to have all the options. Rather then waiting 6 years, we could pull out off much faster together if given a shot I’m sure. For anything other then elites keep it out of everything but custom and maybe a new warzone firefight. A true 3 sided battle with players on all teams! (BanishedvRedvBlue)

I could ramble but the point stands. Let us help.

What role does a grunt fill in the context of multiplayer?

I think Op was meaning more for if there where playable Elites/Brutes and having customizable armor for them.

Tbh I can see a grunt in a customs only games.

It has a few perks.

For 1 they’re hella short so that’s a boost

They likely don’t have an easy to hear foot fall

The only face with a non transfer ability that allows you to go suicidal and not loose points as long as you take someone with you.

Also @PossumWitch yes, I do mean that as well, but I also means there are some technical points, like issues with skeletons and so forth

Brutes and Elites in multiplayer period would definitely be possible, but the context for their use is important to consider.

Would they fight with or against Spartans? Would there only be one species in a lobby? Would they fight with or against each other?

This is where team assets come into play. And all our brawls are not unfamiliar territory.

With the current story it’s open for anything.

Elite, brute v Spartan
Elite v brute v Spartan
Elite Spartan brute
And so on…

That would be an interesting mechanic for a game mode “Grunt birthday party”, grunts vs Spartans, grunts don’t loose points for suicides and it’s just like slayer after that with some buffs

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The game modes and mechanics brought in from other races would be awesome.

343 has already said they’re relying on players to make the majority of game modes and maps moving forwards. So blam it, let us players have a port to design things in, submit it to review and application.

I don’t mean crazy mod like things, I mean projects the community voices and works on itself. And no not like that horrific fallout game, but things like the

Custom coating system,

Player races

Armor for all races.

Why not have a place to upload audio clips for insertion on maps (this would require regulating)

There is a lot the community is willing to do, and with so a long and rich player history to say “there’s no one out there” would literally be willful ignorance. And with this whole contract thing and everything we know going on within, now seems like the perfect chance.