Why not just release the Free Multiplayer?

I’m trying not to sound selfish here but the multiplayer is going to be Free anyways. So why not just fully release what is ready so far and just continuously update it?

Hahahaha ahaha - you serious?

So now my edit;

Well now my honest opinion about that. Just no. Are your standards that low? Or are just so hyped? If it’s the last point, chill, if not, Get some help :smiley:

Well now to be serious. Just no. It’s still stupid that games been released more and more often with way less content than the games ad priori, I don’t know why people seems to be fine with that. Even if it’s free, what it is, it should still be released when it’s ready. At least the MP, don’t want to think about all the missing content which will be than “free fan service” lol

The multiplayer is being flighted as it’s not ready for launch yet.
Releasing the multiplayer half baked isn’t going to be wise. Not to mention all of the heavy competition from now until the new year.
As of right now there are no other major FPS games releasing in December. This means Halo Infinite can launch uncontested and more bug free.

Yea I’m just super hyped between Infinite and Battlefield 2042 !!!
I’ve been wanting the to add AI Bots for Custom Games since the beginning so I am excited that they finally are!
And they were great in the first flight so I am excited to see how they evolve to play better and more dynamically over time :slight_smile:

~ Nothing is free in this world ~

becasue its probaly still not finished and are working out bugs. we only saw slayer on a couple maps in the first flight. There are many more game modes and features that players expect in halo and i guess the devs want to have as many as those at launch as possible in working order.

This isn’t an early access title

Because it’s not done yet?

Because not ready

I enjoyed the first flight so much that I’d happily still be playing that now, even if it only had 3 maps, one game type and a few different weapons.

From my perspective I’d be happy if they released whatever is ready of the MP game right now and then just continuously updated it like any other live service game.

Maybe they’re worried that it’ll harm the brand IP if they release a MP game without all the normal modes/modes/weapons/features etc. that fans expect from the game on day one. I guarantee you there’d be loads of people complaining online if they did.

honestly I’m wanting to play the story more