Why not have cross core visors and coatings?

The store changes are a step in the right direction, however the fact that you buy coatings and they are useless in other cores makes me not want to buy them. It’s funny how destiny lets you get any shader for free and apply it to any armor as well as on weapons. I want to spend money but i feel like its a waste if i’m not gonna use any of it in the future when more cores are available. I can understand specific core armors as some armors will look bad on other cores and they have different designs but whats the excuse for coatings and visors? If we get cross cor ecoatings and visors i feel the shop will be in a decent state.


Because if they do that they don’t have as many items to sell you. 343 really only cares about monetization of Halo at this point and you can tell by their lack of content and attention to problems within the core game.


What he said. They milk the same emblems for 5 different locations be it on a gun, person, vehicle etc. If you only have to buy the color schemes once, then they would miss out on charging you 10-20 bucks for each core you want it on. Game is milking whales and the bait is nostalgia

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This is pretty much the first thing that needs to happen when it comes to customization.


Pretty much the only thing cross-core that could be realistic outside of helmets.

MS only cares about monetization, people always blame 343 when they forget that having more MTX literally does not benefit 343 at all, they still make the same amount of money with or without it

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Why isnt everything cross core to begin with*

Fixed it for you. But simply money, they know players would prefer to have every armor piece available to mix and match but they still did it.

Same as store prices, they knew they was stupid high and would get backlash still done it anyway


i mean this is the same company that made the mark 7 helmet the default helmet and then put it at the end of the battle pass when they found out people liked it


It’s all about the money. I imagine coatings are a bit more complicated to cross core than visors, but probably not by much.