Why not do it right the first time?

I’ve been thinking, were getting these updates and stuff to bring back Halo’s core gameplay-which is great.

But then I think to myself that when Halo 4 was in the works the community was telling 343i to make sure they kept Halo’s core gameplay and didn’t add massive changes that cause chaos.

But they did anyway, and now their trying to fix it.

So this then comes to mind and I bet a lot of Halo fans have thought this too. Why weren’t we listened to in the first place (but we are now)? They knew what the Halo community wanted but they didn’t give it us. If they’d had done what we said in the beginning we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Why didn’t they do it right the first time when they knew what the community wanted!?

Here’s proof:

Halo 3 average daily population after 2 years was 250,000-300,000.

Halo 4 average daily population after 6/7 months is 15,000-30,000.

Just a bit of proof to see what should have been done :wink:

I bought the wrong colour paint for my car the other day and proceeded to spray my wing mirror beleiving I had the correct colour.

When I go back to Halfords to buy the correct colour tonight, if the guy there says to me “Why didn’t you paint it the right colour the first time?!?!” I will go -Yoinking!- mental.

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